Storyteller for Agile Planning and Product Management

Accelerate your digital transformation and drive game-changing business innovation with the #1 agile planning tool for enterprise teams.
Maximize Value Delivery
Drive cross-functional collaboration and alignment to protect the business value of products from definition to delivery.
Accelerate your Time to Market
Plan, manage and deliver successful product releases more than 44% faster.
Ensure Quality and Compliance
Reduce defects, requirement misinterpretations, and rework by at least 37% by using Storyteller.

Empower your Business and IT stakeholders to define and collaborate on value streams, customer journeys, and business processes. Visual models enable stakeholders across your organization to be aligned at a granular scale, while maintaining the context of overall business goals.

Centralize & Connect
Centralize & Connect
Centralize & Connect
Centralize & Connect

Easily store and access information, understanding the downstream impact of change when it comes to non-functional, business and/or compliance requirements.


Manual processes open up the potential for errors and bottlenecks in the agile software development lifecycle. Leverage automated workflows, one-click creation of user stories, documentation, and tests; as well as bi-directional syncing with ALM tools to streamline processes for your team.


Gain clear, centralized, executive-level visibility into your organization’s capacity to respond to changes across the organization, and automate the production of documentation for your permanent record.

Key Features that Ignite Digital Innovation
Storyteller's robust agile planning and product management features empower your organization with purpose and drive success throughout your software development process
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Get Everyone on the Same Page

From visualizing customer journeys, value streams, and process flows to decomposing large scale initiatives, visual models ensure all of your business needs are captured and defined with high fidelity modeling and traceability. This enables your organization to be agile - aligned at a granular scale while maintaining context on overall business goals.

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"The most impactful benefit of using Storyteller at our organization has been being able to see how our operational and regulatory requirements interact with one another. This has enabled us to focus the bigger picture and ensure the end-product is aligned with business goals."
-Business Analyst | Large Enterprise Healthcare Company

Create a Single Source of Truth

Storyteller’s centralized repository holds both regulatory and business artifacts that are versioned, auditable, secure and scalable, and completely mapped. Improve efficiency and enforce standards by enabling your users to store, search and reuse internally predefined, validated content from the repository.

"Storyteller’s centralized repository has reduced the amount of time spent on rework because both business and regulatory information is stored in one place making it much easier to reuse documents and focus on forward-thinking strategy."
-Business Analyst | Global 500 Insurance Company

Automatically Generate User Stories, Tests and Documentation

Accelerate delivery by automatically generating high-quality, well-formatted, and consistent user stories, comprehensive test plans and gherkin feature files from collaborative models. Then synchronize these assets with downstream agile application lifecycle management tools for development teams to action.

"Because of Storyteller’s auto-generation of user stories and acceptance tests we’ve been able to accelerate our product delivery cycles and virtually eliminate all rework."
-Senior Solutions Manager | Financial Services Company

Rapidly Expose the Full Impact of Change

Reduce the risks of change management by automatically tracing relationships between artifacts and viewing these relationships through an Impact Analysis. This promotes ongoing feedback, enabling your stakeholders to manage changes as they occur.

"With the ability to conduct an impact analysis, we’ve been able to gain a complete perspective of how the business requirements interact with the regulatory and operational requirements. This has significantly benefited our ability to deliver high-quality products, faster."
-Solution Architect | Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

Visualize, Track, and Restore Changes Easily

Storyteller’s version compare and version restore features enable teams to easily analyze, visualize, and revert changes in artifacts over time. Built with convenience and flexibility in mind, enterprise users can instantly zero in on the attributes that have changed between any two versions and perform a full restore to a previous version or choose individual attributes to selectively restore. Enterprises can support the audit process with ease utilizing the unique and modern features of Storyteller.

Align Large Groups and Key Processes Using Automated Workflows

Create custom workflows to manage intake and flow from end to end. Guide stakeholders to automate business alignment throughout your solution planning and delivery, as well as enforce standardization, task assignment and the automation of common manual activities.

"The greatest benefit we’ve realized since adopting Storyteller has been the ability to see all contents of the project in one place and have the system track approval for us through an automated workflow process."
-Product Manager | Global 100 Insurance Company

Complete Visibility for Better Decisions

Gain clear, centralized, executive-level visibility into your organization’s capacity to respond to application and regulatory changes across the organization, and automatically generate documentation for your permanent record. Leverage enterprise BI tools to create insightful reports and dashboards.

"The dashboard and analytics capabilities of Storyteller has helped our team visually understand what stage in development we are in and improve our collaboration."
-Release Manager | Large Financial Services Company

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Supercharge Your Existing ALM Tools

Storyteller integrates bi-directionally with more than 40 of the industry’s best ALM tools to ensure information remains up-to-date as change occurs. These ready-made, highly configurable integrations allow Storyteller to fit seamlessly into your current infrastructure and processes.

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What our Customers are Saying
[Storyteller's] ability to be a permanent record for what has already been or is being delivered is huge for us and, it’s enabling us to make better decisions
Susan Hill, Manager — Business Systems Analysis Competency Center, Global Customer Service Delivery
Storyteller enabled us to accelerate our transformation through cross-functional collaboration and alignment.
Large Insurance Organization
Product Manager
Storyteller was the stand-out solution on the market that had the features to drive the change we wanted.
Large Public Bank in Indonesia
Senior IT Analyst