Storyteller for Legacy System Modernization

Shift IT budgets from maintenance to innovation by automating the redesign of legacy technology with the #1 tool for legacy system modernization.
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Extract & Maintain Knowledge
Retain the value and corporate knowledge represented in your legacy requirements to plan strategically for the future
Redesign for Simplicity
Harmonize and simplify legacy business products and processes within a modern platform to easily prioritize work based on business value
Deliver More Innovation
Improve supportability and lower maintenance costs in order to shift focus and IT budgets from maintenance to innovation.

Move valuable corporate knowledge and history into Storyteller to quickly gain an understanding of the current state of requirements and functionality as a baseline for future development.


Consolidate similar processes, remove redundancy, and streamline sequences to pay significant dividends with Storyteller. Reduce the complexity of the application supporting those processes, the software development effort that will create the processes, and the application’s ongoing maintenance.

legacy system modernization icon
legacy system modernization icon

As legacy services, capabilities and requirements are consolidated, visualized and redesigned in Storyteller, teams will have a clearer focus on furthering business goals and not following outdated processes.


Easily auto-generate user stories, tests, and documents from your requirements in order to support application delivery regardless of your methodology.

Key Features to Modernize Legacy Technology
Storyteller's powerful legacy system modernization features support your growth from product maintenance to innovation
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Visualize Your Legacy Application

Visually model user-system interactions with screenshots to capture the behaviour of the legacy application or use information models to capture what has been communicated or used.


"After using Blueprint we began to understand the importance and value of collaborating between multiple stakeholders when creating requirements, thereby improving application quality and customer satisfaction. Blueprint is undoubtedly the best quality software companion for any developer."
-Application Manager | Global 100 Insurance Company

Create a Single Source of Truth

Storyteller’s centralized repository holds both regulatory and business artifacts that are versioned, auditable, secure and scalable. Improve efficiency and enforce standards by enabling your users to store, search and reuse internally predefined, validated content from the repository. Create a central, consolidated knowledge base of your current state legacy systems as well as intended functionality.

"Blueprint delivers centralization of process and rigor - allowing for a level of delivery standardization that our business partners previously were not accustomed to receiving."
-IT Vice President | Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

Easily Discover Useful Relationships

With all of the legacy app knowledge in Storyteller, you can use intelligent recommendations to discover applicable regulatory obligations, NFRs, and feature dependencies that can be used, saving you valuable time for other processes.

Speed Up Modernizing Legacy Products

By autogenerating your user stories, tests, and other processes in Storyteller, you are saving valuable time in the modernization efforts while reducing the overall manual tasks for your teams.

"Using Blueprint products has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before."
-Business Analyst | Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

Visualize, Track, and Restore Changes Easily

Storyteller’s version compare and version restore features allow teams to easily analyze, visualize, and revert changes in artifacts over time. Built with convenience and flexibility in mind, enterprise users can instantly zero in on the attributes that have changed between any two versions and perform a full restore to a previous version or choose individual attributes to selectively restore. Enterprises can support the audit process with ease utilizing the unique and modern features of Storyteller.

Streamlined for All Stakeholders

As your projects, requirements and deliverables grow in scale, more collaboration is needed since more stakeholders are involved. Storyteller reduces the complexity of reviews & approvals, streamlining the process for all of your teams.

"The most impactful benefit of using Storyteller at our organization is that it provides us a standard method for capturing, reviewing and approving software requirements."
-IT Systems Analyst | Educational Institution

 Accelerate Legacy Modernization Efforts

Storyteller can reverse engineer your test cases to generate a solution model that precisely defines your application’s existing behaviour and transforms legacy requirements into a plan for a new, modern solution.

"Blueprint provides our requirements team with a central location for all of our requirements, as well as the sources of those requirements. We are able to build traces between artifacts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the system of interest, from both operational and regulatory perspectives."
-Business Analyst | Medium Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

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Supercharge your Existing ALM Tools

Storyteller integrates bi-directionally with more than 40 of the industry’s best ALM tools to ensure information remains up-to-date as change occurs. These ready-made, highly configurable integrations allow Storyteller to fit seamlessly into your current infrastructure and processes.

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Since implementing Blueprint, PT Astra has significantly improved product release times, development velocity, and their ability to achieve business plans.

Since introducing Blueprint, The City of Toronto increased their cycle release times, development velocity, and number of timely releases by up to 40%
Storyteller, unlike our other tools, is a space for all our stakeholders to work within and collaborate to deliver high-quality products, time after time.
Large Financial Services Company
IT Systems Analyst