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Maximize Value Delivery
Define and deliver high quality business requirements that are correct, complete, clear, and testable
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Plan, manage and deliver successful product releases more than 44% faster.
Ensure Quality and Compliance
Reduce defects, misinterpreted requirements, and rework by at least 37% by using Storyteller.
Visualize requirements management
Visualize requirements management

Rapidly capture information from stakeholders and collaboratively author requirements using a rich collection of visual editing tools that express requirements more clearly, consistently and accurately than text alone. This precision enables stakeholders across your organization to be aligned while maintaining business context.


Quickly establish and maintain traceable relationships between all artifacts, regardless of format. This provides complete context and allows for detailed requirement analysis during definition and review, as well as impact analysis when changes need to be made.


Easily store and access large volumes of information and understand versions/changes and their downstream impact when it comes to functional, non-functional, business and/or compliance requirements.


With manual processes comes the potential for errors and bottlenecks. Leverage one-click, automated creation of requirements documents, functional test cases, and more to improve productivity and quality.


Gain clear, centralized, executive-level visibility into your organization’s capacity to respond to requirement changes across the organization, and produce offline documentation for your permanent record.

Key Features that Drive Effective Requirements Management
Storyteller's powerful requirements management software empowers your organization with purpose to drive success in your software development initiatives
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Get Everyone on the Same Page

Storyteller provides a single solution to capture and visualize requirements for any type of application. Its range of supported visual formats precisely express project and product requirements in ways that traditional, text-based documents simply cannot. By expressing your requirements visually, stakeholders remain engaged in the process, which leads to fewer errors and less rework.

"Visualizing our business requirements has revolutionized the way we manage and define them. It’s enabled us to ensure all stakeholders are engaged, work is getting done as efficiently as possible, and we can analyze data in much greater granularity within the big picture."
-Business Analyst | Large Enterprise Healthcare Company

Create a Single Source of Truth

Storyteller’s centralized repository holds both regulatory and business artifacts that are versioned, auditable, secure, and scalable. This includes requirements, customer journeys, and process diagrams. Improve efficiency and enforce standards by enabling your users to store, search and reuse internally predefined, validated content from the repository.

"Our main challenge was regulatory data being stored across different tools and siloed teams. But with Storyteller’s centralized repository, we are able to build traces between artifacts and gain a comprehensive understanding of the system of interest from both operational and regulatory perspectives."
-Compliance Analyst | Large Enterprise Energy and Utilities Company

Easily Track and Maintain Relationships

For any development project, recording and maintaining relationships among the requirements information is essential for understanding the overall application. Storyteller's precise relationships make essential tasks like coverage and impact analysis immediate and effective, providing visibility and reducing error.

"The greatest benefit of Storyteller is complete traceability and visibility from the top-down. With the ability to conduct an impact analysis we reduce the risks associated with change management and ensure all work being done meets business requirements, thereby improving the application’s quality and customer satisfaction."
-Software Developer | Global 500 Insurance Company

Align Large Groups & Key Processes Using Automated Workflows

Create custom workflows to manage intake and flow from end to end. Guide stakeholders to automate business alignment throughout your solution planning and delivery, as well as enforce standardization, task assignment and the automation of common manual activities.

""The greatest benefit we’ve realized since adopting Storyteller has been the ability to see all contents of the project in one place and have the system track approval for us through an automated workflow process.""
-- Product Manager | Global 100 Insurance Company

One-click Generation for Any Need

Storyteller lets you focus on developing great requirements rather than collecting information into documents. Create templates that define how different documents will be structured, styled and formatted, and when it’s time to output a document, simply choose your template, the requirements you want included, and Storyteller will automatically generate a Word document for distribution.

With Storyteller you can also automatically generating high-quality, well-formatted, and comprehensive test plans and gherkin feature files from collaborative models. Then synchronize these assets with downstream agile application lifecycle management tools for QA teams to action.

"We were previously stuck manually documenting all business and technical requirements, but now with Storyteller our documents are automatically generated in accordance with regulatory standards. Ultimately this has given us the opportunity to focus more on developing innovative solutions that are always compliant."
-Requirements Manager | Large Healthcare Company

Work Better, Together

To develop high-quality requirements, stakeholders must actively participate in the review and validation cycle. Automated notifications help stakeholders identify when elements they’re working on have been modified. Email-enabled threaded discussions with auto-notification draw people into important conversations about specific elements. Assign, collaborate, review, and approve with electronic meaning of signature capability.

"With so many conversations being had over email, it became impossible to keep track of progress. Storyteller has made it so much easier for us to keep track of work being done because it all automatically goes through a review process that notifies team members via email when something changes in real time."
-Product Owner | Large Financial Services Company

Complete Visibility for Better Decisions

Gain clear, centralized, executive-level visibility into your organization’s capacity to respond to application and regulatory changes across the organization, and produce offline documentation for your permanent record. Connect enterprise BI tools to create insightful reports and dashboards.

"The dashboard and analytics capabilities of Storyteller has helped our team visually understand what stage in development we are in and improve our collaboration."
-Release Manager | Large Financial Services Company

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Supercharge your Existing ALM Tools

Storyteller integrates bi-directionally with more than 40 of the industry’s best ALM tools to ensure information remains up-to-date as change occurs. These ready-made, highly configurable integrations allow Storyteller to fit seamlessly into your current infrastructure and processes.

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