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Blueprint for Transformation & CoE Leaders

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite helps Transformation & CoE Leaders drive process excellence, reduce the cost of process improvement initiatives, and continuously deliver value for the business.

Drive Operational Excellence with Blueprint

The Transformation & CoE Leader is responsible for driving operational excellence throughout the organization, guiding process improvement projects to reduce cost and complexity, increase productivity, and improve the customer experience. You interface with senior leadership and SMEs to develop solutions that improve process performance and lead a team of analysts to design and implement them. But in this cross-functional endeavor, you often encounter resistance and face challenges.

Without a sophisticated business process analysis and management system that supports your Lean Six Sigma or other continuous improvement methodology, leading transformation efforts will continue to present these kinds of challenges. Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite has helped business process improvement executives in hundreds of organizations around the world to synchronize their efforts more effectively with line of business leaders and IT groups, reduce the duration and cost of process improvement projects, and unambiguously prove the value of their programs.

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The Blueprint Advantage

0 % Faster Process Design & Bot Development
0 % More Employee Engagement & Collaboration
0 x Less Rework and Bot Outages
0 % Lower Maintenance Costs
0 x ROI in Less than 6 Months

Identify Opportunities for Process Improvement

You are responsible for identifying and prioritizing opportunities for process improvement, but oftentimes you don't have enough visibility to assess the current state of the enterprise, therefore increasing the risk of prioritizing the wrong processes which can lead to significant costs. 

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite acts as your business process command center, meaning all critical information related to how your business runs are centrally stored and translated into Digital Blueprints. These Digital Blueprints make it easy for the Transformation & CoE Leader to prioritize and identify processes for improvement. It can accurately show you what the current state of the process is within the context of the enterprise, giving you the ability to optimize and align current business processes with business strategy.

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Accurately Assess Impact of Change

You work closely with senior leadership and SMEs to improve process performance, but because the impacted teams work in silos and with disparate tools, it's nearly impossible for you to accurately assess the impact of change across the organization.

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite gives all stakeholders a central place to design, optimize, connect, manage, and store critical information related to business solutions and process improvements. For the Transformation & CoE Leader, this means they can work with different stakeholders, regardless of geographic location or toolstack, to ensure there are no project delivery delays, and accurately assess the impact their process improvement initiative will have.

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Continuously Demonstrate Value

You must continuously prove the value of your process improvement initiative, but without the right tools to connect your solution to business objectives demonstrating this can be challenging. 

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite helps the Transformation & CoE Leader prove the effectiveness of their solutions by providing them with end-to-end visibility into the enterprise so that they can easily connect critical business goals to process improvement activities. The Transformation & CoE Leader can easily report on the progress of their initiative by leveraging Blueprint's Reporting and Analytics to prove to senior leadership and SMEs how and where business value was created, what the outcomes were, and what this means for their future. 

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Continuously Deliver Process Excellence

It's about time you had an all-in-one solution that connects business objectives to long-term strategy. Talk with one of our experts to learn how you can leverage Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite.

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