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Who Moved My Bots?!

Expert Insight into Migrating Automation Programs

In a dynamic and consolidating Intelligent Automation market, customers often find mismatched vendor expectations as they look to drive end-to-end automations and/or automate complex processes. 

Listen to this podcast as our panel of automation experts discuss:

  • Common customer needs not being fulfilled with traditional automation
  • Trigger-points that drive the decision to migrate automation portfolios
  • Real and perceived benefits of migrating RPA providers
  • How to measure the success of an RPA migration
  • Best practices for anyone considering an RPA migration in the next 6-12 months
  • Other major trends anticipated to impact the automation market in 2022

Our Panelists:

Stephen Siciliano - GM Power Automate at Microsoft

Prashant Hinge - VP Automation at Hanover Insurance

Shail Khiyara - Intelligent Automation Executive

Dan Shimmerman - CEO at Blueprint Software Systems