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Digital Task Capture,
Design & Management,
Made Simple.

Blueprint is the engine that powers your digital transformation. Integrating directly with your RPA tool, Blueprint fast-tracks transformation activities by providing a better way to capture, design, govern, and manage high-quality business processes - or migrate entire RPA bot portfolios. This eliminates many of the challenges of scaling RPA enterprise-wide, allowing you to execute against your vision at velocity and drive greater ROI.



Achieving hyperautomation has never been easier.

Higher-quality automations with less effort is just the beginning.
0 X Faster RPA Prioritization, Design, & Development
0 % Reduction in Bot Failures & Maintenance Costs
0 % Time Reduction for Process Capture & Improvement
0 % Time & Cost Savings on Bot Migration
0 x More Business Value Driven by Your RPA Program

Blueprint provides the visibility and control you need to accelerate and scale your digital transformation

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Rapidly capture, prioritize, and improve automation candidates

Quickly capture and document all process information in one centralized database to easily identify existing processes as well as areas for improvement. Map the flow of work between people and systems and layer in any dependencies, controls, regulations, or handovers.


Boost clarity, collaboration, alignment, and agility

Foster effective collaboration across departments and teams through greater process transparency. Get detailed insights into your process landscape and eliminate redundancies to improve process quality and outcomes.


Design & deploy higher-quality digital workers

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution by rapidly reviewing, validating, and testing automated processes. Deploy automated processes in a fraction of the time via our seamless integration with the leading RPA tools.


Govern risk and compliance portfolio

Keep up with important regulations and carefully manage internal policies and controls by incorporating compliance into your end-to-end process lifecycle.


Respond quickly to changing market conditions and business needs

Quickly understand the impact of shifting strategies, systems, and regulations. Improve decision-making and accelerate your response to changing business needs through proactive impact analysis and flexible process refinement.

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Quickly and easily migrate bots across RPA platforms

Transfer entire bot portfolios from one RPA vendor to another at a fraction of the time, cost, and effort of manual migration. Eliminate automation silos to improve operating structures, boost efficiencies, trim down on unnecessary expenditures, and drive improved ROI.

Key Benefits of Blueprint Software Systems


Higher-quality automations, less effort

everythingin one place

Everyone & everything in one place


Enterprise control & visibility into performance

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It’s about time you had access to an all-in-one platform that can deliver on short-term wins and long-term strategy. Talk to a Blueprint expert and see how you can get started building your own Digital Blueprints.

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