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Accelerate & Scale RPA with Digital Blueprints

Automated business processes that are designed with manual documentation are 3x more likely to break and require maintenance. Digital Blueprints provide the context, visibility and alignment modern enterprises need to design and deliver high-quality RPA implementations that don't get stuck in break-fix cycles, and in 1/2 the time it would take with manual documentation. Drive high-impact business value and transform your business with Blueprint.

Digital Blueprints deliver the agility, visibility, and scale needed to automate and transform your business

Automating processes using manual documents is inherently flawed and can be a costly blind spot for many organizations. Enter the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite.

With Digital Blueprints on your side, you'll join leading enterprise organizations that are improving and accelerating their ability to design, deliver, govern, and scale RPA solutions that create strategic and impactful business value.

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What Blueprint can do for you

0 % Faster Process Design & Bot Development
0 % More Employee Engagement & Collaboration
0 X Less Rework and Bot Outages
0 % Lower Bot Maintenance Costs
0 X ROI in Less than 6 Months

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Drive future-focused intelligent business transformation


Up to 50% Time Saved

Streamline processes both internally and externally. Replace documents with user-friendly Digital Blueprints that enable you to design and develop higher-quality automations faster than ever before, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective.


3x Less Rework and Bot Outages

Digital Blueprints provide a better way to articulate what you need in a process flow, collaborate effectively with your team, and align processes to business goals. The outcome is better processes and bots that require less maintenance.


Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Link your customer journey with operational processes to create frictionless customer experiences. By aligning your optimization efforts with high-level business strategy, you’ll deliver the experiences your customer desire and the results your business demands.


Work Better Together

Inject end-to-end visibility into business process automation and optimization and provide a collaborative space for your teams to work together with ease, all within a visual tool that clarifies without sacrificing detail.


Proactively Ensure Compliance

Become proactive in the identification and management of risk to ensure you always meet compliance obligations. Establish and follow processes that meet your standards while in-product reporting tracks your efforts so documentation is always at your fingertips.


5x ROI in Less Than 6 Months

Scale your automation and optimization efforts to more complex multi-level processes, see rapid adoption, and realize 5x ROI in less than 6 months. Our customers are improving thousands of processes, every day.

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations

You’re in good company. Our customers are using Digital Blueprints and the Enterprise Automation Suite to solve complex business challenges every day.

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Stories from our Customers

Largest Retail Bank in America Streamlines Operations to Achieve Automation at Scale
We now believe that bots built with manual documentation are inherently flawed. This used to be a huge blindspot for us until we started using Digital Blueprints to define and govern our automated processes.
Fortune 100 Insurance Organization

US-Based Insurance Provider Digitizes Their Process Design Document to Scale Business Process Automation
Blueprint’s ability to define and decompose complex current state process flows is instrumental in enabling us to collaboratively and visually define our future state processes and potential candidates for automation.

Leading Health IT Provider Leverages Automation to Bring New Clients Online
We develop business process flows for everything from quotes to rates to policy changes using Blueprint’s Business Process Modeler. We then use the advanced review and approval features within Blueprint to communicate with key stakeholders and confirm that business processes meet their needs before automating.

Global Insurance and Financial Services organization scales use of RPA to respond to increased volume of claims due to COVID-19

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