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Improve Your Processes. Improve Your Business.

Understand how work really gets done. Discover unseen inefficiencies and improvement opportunities. Make informed and strategic improvement decisions.

Blueprint delivers the process insights enterprise organizations need to continuously drive the highest levels of operational and customer excellence.

Understanding how your business really runs is the first step towards improving it

Blueprint delivers transformative process analysis, design, and automation enablement software that helps organizations analyze and assess process value, identify and remove inefficiencies, create new processes quickly and efficiently, and execute on data-driven improvement strategies with speed and precision.

Understand your automation estate and see where to improve it for higher returns

  • Receive a comprehensive analysis of your automation estate in days instead of weeks at a fraction of the cost compared to big-shop consultants.
  • Leverage optimization, reuse, and retirement recommendations at a high and granular level to improve your entire automation estate.
  • See where there are costly redundancies in your processes and remove them to become more efficient while saving time and money.
  • Understand the complexity of your automations and avoid unnecessarily complicated automated processes without having to read code.
  • Decide if replatforming is right for you by seeing how compatible your automation estate is with other RPA tools with precise mapping percentages.
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Analyze your business processes to reveal hidden inefficiencies

  • Connect data from your entire process ecosystem in one centralized platform.
  • Discover critical details about your business processes through real-time reporting and analysis.
  • Quantify your understanding of current-state operations and attribute value to work.
  • Reveal opportunities to modernize, optimize, standardize or automate business processes.
  • Prioritize and plan for future-state improvements with proactive insights that enable informed decisioning.

Collaboratively design data-driven improvement strategies

  • Design future-state processes of any size or complexity in high-fidelity.
  • Reuse validated processes and process components to drive consistency, improve quality, and speed process improvement efforts.
  • Record workflows with ease, including low-level details needed to drive rapid automation.
  • Enforce governance and compliance by aligning improvement efforts with business rules, regulations, standards, and more.
  • Simulate changes to processes to tune and optimize improvements before they’re implemented.

Drive continuous improvement
with speed, alignment & control

  • Align business strategy with technical execution to bring your improvement initiatives to life.
  • Extract processes from limiting legacy environments and re-platform onto efficient, modern technologies.
  • Accelerate automation development by exporting Digital Blueprints directly into development platforms.
  • Generate user stories, test scripts, and more to drive downstream work effort.
  • Continuously monitor processes to identify and address issues, improve key metrics, and continuously optimize.

Process Improvement Strategies

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Re-platform legacy processes
to modern technologies.

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Improve efficiency and align processes with organizational mission.

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Create organization-wide process consistency and governance.

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Remove human error and free employees for higher-value work.

Transformative process intelligence is only one click away.

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Features in Blueprint's Business Transformation Platform


Process Hub

Govern and manage processes collaboratively in an online repository.


Insights & Dashboards

Real-time reporting and analysis on critical details about your processes.

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Process Data Ingestion

Pull in data from your entire process ecosystem to create a holistic view.


Task Capture

Document a workflow with ease, including low-level details that drive automation.

Process Modeling & Simulation

Process Modeling & Simulation

Design and simulate future-state processes to see the impact of decisions.


Automation Export

Generate automation scripts for major RPA platforms to accelerate bot delivery.


Workflow Accelerators

Generate downstream assets to drive aligned work efforts and reduce risk.



Native integrations to work management, testing, RPA tools, and more.