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Support Terms


“The Service” means web, hosting and related services described and specified on the applicable Purchase Order and any updates or upgrades to such services which may be generally released by Blueprint to all customers from time to time.

“Documentation” means the specifications, system requirements, written operating instructions (including online instructions), release notes, maintenance and service level standards, and user guides and manuals for the Software, as may be published or made available from time to time, and any other documentation created pursuant this Agreement.

“Specifications” means Blueprint’s written descriptions of the Software, release notes, and any other specifications related to the Software as contained in the Documentation.

Maintenance Definitions

“Major Release” means the first generally available release of a new version of the Software which contains substantial changes or enhancements.

“Minor Release” A minor release includes fixes or provides enhancements to the previous Major Release of the software.

“Maintenance Services” means providing Major and Minor Releases, and the ability to log Enhancement Requests. Maintenance Services are provided for the current Major Release (and all associated Minor Releases) for a period of 12 months following the availability of a subsequent Major Release.

Support Definitions

“Support Services” means responding appropriately, and in a timely manner, in support of established service levels objectives. A response may be in the form of an explanation or supply of information, workaround, and/or permanent fix to valid problems reported by the Licensee. These could include:

  • an event which is not part of the standard operation of the Service. An incident generally has, or may cause an interruption to normal Service quality or its operation.
  • a request for a license, advice, information, or a standard change associated with a Blueprint Technology.

“Incident Management” means the process by which a Support Case is logged and tracked from initial opening through resolution to final closure. The objective of incident management is to restore normal operations promptly, and with the least possible impact to the Authorized User.

“Valid Problems” means problems notified by Authorized User to Blueprint that do not result from any breach and/or error caused by: (a) any change to the Software made by any party other than Blueprint; (b) accident, neglect, or misuse by any party other than Blueprint; (c) Licensee’s failure to provide a suitable web browser / client access installation; (d) software, hardware, firmware, data, operating environment, and/or technology not licensed or specified by Blueprint ; (e) any telecommunications medium used by Licensee; (f) Licensee’s own computer system; and/or (g) failure of Licensee and/or user to comply with the Documentation.

“Workaround” – means a commercially reasonable solution to a known error that will be made available to Authorized Users to resolve a Valid Problem. Workarounds for known errors may later form part of Blueprint’s Major or Minor release plan.

“Service Availability” – For customers of Blueprint Cloud Services, client access to ‘Blueprint Cloud is available 24x7x365. Any issues relating to access should be logged as an incident (see ‘Support Hours of Coverage’)

Support Hours of Coverage

Incidents or service requests can be logged by Licensees 7x24x365 via the Blueprint Support web site (https://community.blueprintsys.com). A unique case number will be assigned and the Licensee will be sent confirmation via email. Normal Support Services hours are 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

Support Response

Customers with paid-up fees will be provided support by Blueprint and receive an initial response and Support Case assignment within 4 hours. To ensure support requests and responses are efficiently coordinated and communicated, Blueprint will only accept Support Cases from registered technical contacts.

Security Levels and Response Times

Target response times for logged incidents are defined in table below.


Incident Severity Levels Severity Level Definition Severity Level Objectives/Response Times
Severity Level 1 (Critical)
  • The service is unavailable
  • A major feature, function or capability is inoperative, such that normal operations have been halted
  • 4 hours initial response (beyond initial email that a Support Case has been received and notice of a Support Case # has been sent)
  • Hosted Access restored in 4 hours
  • Workaround made available in 1 business days *
Severity Level 2 (Major)
  • A major feature, function or capability is impaired, however most normal operations can be continued
  • Administrator User access issue
  • 8 business hours initial response
  • Workaround made available in 2 business days *
Severity Level 3 (Minor)
  • A minor incident that does not materially affect the continuation of normal operations
  • Request for new license / user account
  • 1 business day initial response
Severity Level 4 (Minor)
  • General usage questions / service requests
  • Enhancement requests
  • Errors in documentation
  • 2 – 4 business days initial response
Severity Level P (Major)
  • An incident related to privacy or data security
  • 4 business hours initial response


Business hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00 EST

*Blueprint, to the best of its ability, will provide Technical Contacts with a work-around as soon as possible. Due to the variation in complexity of errors that may occur, work-around times cannot be guaranteed.

Escalation Process

In the event that a support case requires escalation, Technical Contacts should call: 647-288-0738 quoting the case number.

Hosted Data Backup

Data backups will reside in off-site locations to ensure geographical redundancy. Data will be transmitted over private and/or encrypted in transit. Customer databases will be encrypted at rest using AES256 or better.

Hosted Data Backup Retention

Backups in production environments will be retained for 30 days

Additional information can be found here: Datasheet-BlueprintCloud.pdf