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Easily capture, design, & optimize processes, then execute on the best process improvement strategy with all the insight you need.



Blueprint's intuitive and easy-to-use business process design (BPD) canvas ensures all of your current and future-state processes can be captured and defined with ease. Optimize processes and then decide on the best improvement strategy, including exporting designed processes into your RPA tool of choice for accelerated development.

Capture low-level details needed to drive process automation

Document low-level details such as screenshots for each step needed for downstream outputs like process automation to accelerate RPA design and delivery.

Design better processes, faster.

Talk to one of our experts and discover how your organization can capture, design, and improve business processes faster.

Re-use validated content from a shared library to increase design speed

Improve efficiency and enforce design standards enterprise-wide by enabling all users to store, search, and re-use predefined, validated content from a centralized process library.

Model processes of any size or complexity

There's no limit to the levels of detail you can define. Decompose processes down into any number of nested levels of related detail to easily model complex, end-to-end processes that are aligned to other critical business elements.

Export designed processes into RPA tools

Business processes designed in Blueprint are compatible with the leading RPA tools. Export your processes with all contextual information included for higher-quality, faster automation delivery. You can also export processes to other downstream outputs like lo/no-code tools for product development.


"Blueprint’s ability to define and decompose complex current state process flows is instrumental in enabling us to collaboratively and visually define our future state processes and potential candidates for automation."
"Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members."
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation
"We develop business process flows for everything from quotes to rates to policy changes using Blueprint's Business Process Modeler. We then use the advanced review and approval features within Blueprint to communicate with key stakeholders and confirm that business processes meet their needs before automating ."
"Using Blueprint product has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before."
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
Director of IT Development