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Data Transfer

Ingest and centralize your automations & business processes. Improve your RPA estate and export your automations into the leading RPA tools to reduce costs and increase returns.



Blueprint ingests your automations and business data transfer processes from countless sources enabling you to centralize all process and RPA estate information in one place.  Analyze your processes, optimize them, and accelerate downstream outputs like automation to achieve all your objectives like cost reduction, higher quality, and increased efficiency.

Consolidate processes in one place

Blueprint ingests all your discovered business processes and automations from a variety of sources. Store and optimize all your automations and processes in one central location to drive your process improvement efforts.

Gain a holistic view of your entire RPA estate

Import your automated data transfer processes into Blueprint from the most popular RPA vendors. Fully visualize and understand your entire automation estate and improve it for higher ROI.

Export process automations to the leading RPA tools

Convert your processes in an automated way, making them compatible with the leading RPA tools for export in addition to other downstream outputs like lo/no-code tools for product development.

Centralize all your automations in one place for total visibility, understanding, & better returns

Talk to one of our experts and see how your organization can import all business processes and automations into Blueprint for better analysis, optimization, and development.

Prioritize automation by speed & value

With Blueprint, visualize which processes can be deployed the quickest so you can deliver automations iteratively according to speed and ease of implementation.

Provide added context to developers for better, faster RPA development

Export your automated processes into the most popular RPA tools. The process model, dependencies, images, and attachments can be accessed by RPA developers in Blueprint, facilitating higher-quality and faster development.

Maintain a digital twin of your automations

Digital twins of your automated processes reside in Blueprint when you export automations to RPA tools. Enable continuous improvement, visibility, and governance for all your automated data transfer processes with a permanent record of your automations.

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