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RPA Platform Migration: How Blueprint Makes RPA Migration Possible

January 27th @11:00 AM EST

Join Blueprint for a live product overview and see how migrating from one RPA platform to another can be completed quickly, efficiently, and effectively without a heavy drain on your resources or budget.

Why Attend?

To manually migrate a single, medium complexity automation from one RPA platform into another can take 4-6 weeks and cost upwards of $10,000 in development costs. For organizations with more than 100 bots in operation, this could mean millions in potential migration costs and months or even years of development time. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

MIGRATION STATSWith Blueprint on your side, you can dramatically reduce the cost, effort, and time it takes to complete your RPA platform migration, and in this webinar, we’ll show you how! Register today to watch as Blueprint ingests existing RPA files, deconstructing the actions, functions, and parameters that define automations into a Digital Blueprint, and then translates and maps those elements into a format that can be exported directly into a new platform for final development before being pushed to production.

Save your seat to see Blueprint live in action!

"Blueprint's RPA migration is best described in one word...magical." Solution Integrator.


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