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Blueprint: Migrate your
RPA estate automatically

Automation is meant to reduce manual effort.
Then why are companies still migrating RPA platforms manually?
It's risky, labor-intensive, and expensive...but it doesn't have to be!

Use Blueprint to migrate your RPA estate automatically.
Save 60-75% of your time and money.

Migrate to an intelligent automation platform the quick & easy way

Organizations are facing a lot of challenges with their legacy RPA tools: inflated costs, a high degree of technical complexity, and the inability to scale. But migrating manually is expensive and time-consuming.

Blueprint migrates entire automation estates to intelligent automation platforms quickly and securely, providing insights into your estate for better decisions and further cost reductions.

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Blueprint Solutions

RPA Migration

Migrate your automation estate to a next-generation intelligent automation platform with 60-75% time and cost savings.

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RPA Analytics

Understand and assess your entire automation estate. Improve your automations, remove redundancies and unnecessary complexities, and use rich insight to plan and prioritize your RPA estate migration. Make informed decisions and reduce costs. 

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Process Improvement

Consolidate all your business processes in one central location. Design, analyze, optimize, and govern them with total visibility and robust analytics to boost business value and remove waste.

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Continuous Automation Improvement

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Re-platform existing automations
to modern platforms.



Understand and analyze entire automation estates.



Optimize organization-wide
processes to reduce costs.

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Migrate your RPA estate today.