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Enabling hyperautomation
has never been easier

From providing a better way to capture, design, and govern high-quality automated processes to digitally migrating entire RPA bot portfolios, Blueprint helps enterprise organizations to strategically scale their RPA initiatives to deliver more impact, and continuously understand, adapt and improve business operations.

Migrate, manage multiple RPA platforms, and enable scale to achieve hyperautomation

 RPA programs are looking to achieve scale, better governance, and increase their automation returns. Blueprint delivers all the capabilities to do just that. Blueprint dramatically reduces the costs and effort associated with bot migration by providing an easy-to-use packaged solution that translates legacy automations into other RPA formats. If you're running on multiple RPA tools, our platform can ingest all your automated processes into one, centralized location for end-to-end visibility and collaboration. Gain the tools you need to overcome the limitations of your current RPA program and unlock faster, higher-quality process automation at an enterprise scale.

RPA Migration

 As the only cloud-based solution for digitally migrating automation portfolios between RPA providers, Blueprint dramatically reduces the costs and efforts associated with bot migration by providing an easy-to-use packaged solution that translates the functions of legacy automation into other RPA formats. 

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Enable Hyperautomation

 Blueprint's easy-to-use platform acts as a central repository where all stakeholders can converge to collaborate on design, governance, and change management with complete end-to-end visibility on your entire RPA operation. The outcome: higher-quality RPA processes, built significantly faster.

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Achieving hyperautomation has never been easier.

Higher-quality automations with less effort is just the beginning.
0 % Time & Cost Savings on Bot Migration
0 X Faster RPA Prioritization, Design, & Development
0 % Reduction in Bot Failures & Maintenance Costs
0 % Improvement in Business-IT Collaboration
0 x More Business Value Driven by Your RPA Program

The Results You Get with Blueprint

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Digitally Migrate Entire Bot Portfolios

Migrate your entire digital workforce between any of the leading RPA platforms 3x faster and at 25% of the cost of any other migration option available.


Easily Capture Business Tasks

Quickly capture and document all process information, including the low-level details needed to drive automation.


Effortlessly Prioritize Automation Opportunities

Blueprint tells you how much of your captured process maps to commands within your RPA tool so you can prioritize opportunities based on speed and time-to-value.


Gain End-to-End Transformational Governance

Standardize your entire automation practice with assisted dependency mapping and enterprise-wide collaboration.


Proactively Manage Tech and Regulation Changes

Measure the impact of changes instantly and implement proactive change management that keeps your bots in production to continuously deliver business value and reduce migration costs.


Centralize All Processes in One Single Source of Truth

Consolidate all digital processes and tasks in one central location with unlimited users for end-to-end visibility and control.

Blueprint gives you the freedom to move faster, reduce costs, & deliver a higher quality product that drives increased ROI.

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