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Integrate Blueprint with any number of RPA platforms, process & task mining tools, test suites, & ALM solutions. Extend functionality. Unlock the value of your tech stack.


Blueprint offers native integration with a wide variety of complimentary software tools, including, RPA platforms, ALM tools, process/task mining solutions, and test suites. Ingest process data from virtually anywhere. Centralize, analyze, and optimize processes within Blueprint. Then sync processes to a number of integrated solutions to accelerate automation, testing, and aligned downstream development.

RPA Integrations

Integrate Blueprint with Microsoft Power Automate, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and more. Import your automated processes from the leading RPA tools. Centralize and optimize your RPA estate in one solution or facilitate accelerated RPA migrations.

Process & Task Mining Integrations

Integrate your process & task mining tools with Blueprint Integration. Centralize and analyze all your discovered processes in one source of truth to accelerate automation delivery and any other downstream development efforts.

ALM & Work Management Tool Integrations

Leverage the Tasktop Integration Hub to integrate Blueprint with more than 40 leading ALM tools, including JIRA, VersionOne, Rally, TFS, Cognizant Intelligent Quality Designer, and more. Generate high-quality user stories and sync them to downstream tools to drive faster and higher-quality development.

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RegTech Integrations

Integrate Blueprint with leading RegTech tools to source the latest regulatory content. Ensure your business processes, automations, and solutions always adhere to regulatory obligations and compliance requirements.


Blueprint easily integrates with the rest of your enterprise infrastructure using REST APIs. Query data in your Blueprint projects and use it across systems. Control and manage permissions and customize projects to cater to unique customer environments.

Integrate with Test Suites

Use the Tasktop Integration Hub to integrate Blueprint with the most common test suites like Microsoft Test Manager and IBM Engineering Test Management. Generate high-fidelity test cases to accelerate QA and automation or solution delivery.

Integrate Unstructured Sources

With Blueprint Integration, you can import processes from unstructured sources like Visio, process design documents (PDD), Excel, and even whiteboards. Consolidate all business process information in one platform for a complete 360-degree view of your organization.

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