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RPA Insights:
Dashboards & Analytics

Gain access to unique data and insights that will reduce costs, eliminate redundancy in your automations, and improve your entire RPA estate for higher returns.



Blueprint's RPA Insights includes dashboards and analytics that deliver the data and information you need to understand your automation estate, identify redundancy, minimize process complexity, and ultimately, cut costs to win back millions in potential savings.

Gain visibility on your entire RPA estate

Understand how many automated processes you have, which ones are delivering value, and which can be retired to significantly reduce operating costs.

Understand the complexity of your processes

RPA Insights allows you to easily identify how complex your processes are and where unnecessary complexities can be eliminated to lower maintenance costs and improve uptime.

Gain the Insight Needed to Drive Higher Returns from your RPA Estate

Talk to one of our experts and see how you can easily access all the data you need to make more informed decisions and boost ROI from your automation initiatives.

Visualize the dependencies of your processes

Access instantly populated dashboards that include information such as commonly used applications. View all your processes and their call trees within an automation. 

Assess your RPA estate's compatibility with other automation platforms

Identify how much of your RPA estate and your individual processes are compatible with other automation platforms to inform decisions when considering RPA migrations.

Customize your dashboards

Customize your Blueprint RPA Insights dashboards and integrate them with Microsoft Power BI to unlock even more data centralization and visibility.

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