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Partner with Blueprint

Join a global ecosystem of technology and consulting leaders who have partnered with Blueprint to help customers gain even more value from their digital transformation and automation efforts.

Working Together to Achieve Strategic Goals

Combining Blueprint's Business Transformation Platform with your unique solutions and services creates a perfect recipe for success. Together, we can help your clients achieve strategic business goals, drive higher efficiency, and unlock massive hidden value within their digital transformation and automation efforts.


Capture & Expand Business Opportunities

Generate new revenue streams by offering impactful new services and solutions for customers, or simply expanding your automation footprint within an account.


everythingin one place

Solve Complex Customer Challenges

Drive higher productivity and new ways of working that help your customers close execution gaps faster and more effectively than ever before.



Differentiate your Business with Competitive Advantage

Digitize your domain expertise in the Blueprint platform to accentuate your competitive difference and showcase your expertise.

Global Strategic Partners

Strategic Alliance Partners provide best-in-class, comprehensive IT-related services and solutions in the enterprise such as business transformation & strategy, implementation & delivery, and training & enablement.

Technology Partners

We collaborate with a range of infrastructure and application technology partners—from the world’s leading IT companies to innovators with expertise and market presence. Together we deliver value through a broad spectrum of IT management solutions and ensure comprehensive support for leading platforms.

"Our partnership combines Avanade’s enterprise intelligent automation disciplines, assets, tools, accelerators and factory migration teams with Blueprint’s Enterprise technology to help companies get the maximum value out of their automation investments.”

Frank Catone
Global Intelligent Automation Director at Avanade

"Our partnerships have all grown organically through a natural alignment of people, values and ideas that are deeper than any contractual agreement, and are characterized by high trust and quick action. Together, we help customers improve operational agility and take advantage of new opportunities and tools that quickly add to the bottom-line.”

Dan Shimmerman
CEO of Blueprint


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