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Blueprint's Value Map Assessment
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With Blueprint's Value Map Assessment, you get a detailed analysis of your entire automation estate or individual automated processes in addition to:

- How you can reduce operating costs and maintenance headaches for automation
- Where you have redundancies and where they can be removed 
- Where there's unnecessary complexity in your automated processes to limit risk and improve governance
- Recommendations on how to make your automations more efficient and effective
- How simple re-platforming to another RPA provider can be for you

A service that is extremely expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming with other big consultants, Blueprint delivers in days without any effort on your side at a fraction of the cost.


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We'll discuss what a Blueprint Value Assessment looks like, the benefits you can expect and your automation portfolio.


Share Your Bot Exports

You'll share your bot exports so we can run our automated analysis with Blueprint and then have our experts review it for added context and recommendations.


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We'll provide you with a full report that we'll review with you and your team over a call to ensure the analysis and recommendations for improvement are covered in full.

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