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Cut Costs, Not Corners:
Mastering a Low-Code Digital Strategy and RPA Migration

Worried about rising costs and lack of development with your legacy RPA tools? You’re not alone. In the past few years, companies of all shapes and sizes have been migrating away from traditional RPA tools to embrace Microsoft’s LoCode and cost-friendly option, Power Automate. 

With countless benefits such as affordability, a user-friendly UI, and Microsoft’s never-ending focus on improvement and innovation, Power Automate is the right move for most business, so why are you still hesitating? 

Watch Blueprint’s VP of Marketing, Matthew Agnew, and Microsoft’s Power Platform Advocate, April Dunnam, as they answer all your questions and provide their expert insight on:

- Migrating to Power Automate and the benefits you can expect
- How Microsoft Copilot is poised to change the game
- How easy an RPA migration can be with Blueprint 

Don't let legacy RPA tools anchor you to the past. Register today and catapult your automation practice into a future that includes cost reduction and ease of delivery.

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