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Rumble in the Automation Jungle: Manual Migration vs Blueprint's Migration Assistant - What's Better, Faster, & Cheaper?

In one corner we have tried and true manual migration. This traditional heavyweight claims the only way to migrate is to get in there, get dirty, understand the code, and start again. 

In the other corner, upstart competitor Blueprint. This end-to-end RPA migration solution can easily ingest bots from various RPA platforms and convert them into other RPA tools, radically reducing the time and cost associated with RPA platform migration.

Watch this on-demand webinar as these two sparring partners go toe-to-toe to determine who the true RPA migration champion is. Will there be a knockout? Find out!


Featured Speakers:
Matthew Dodgson, Director, Solution Engineering, Blueprint Software Systems
Sean Ellner, Product Manager, Blueprint Software

Moderator: Steven Casco, Founder & Publisher RPA Today


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