Whether a company is in the midst of a transition to Agile or if they are well on their way, with Storyteller, everyone becomes engaged, stories are interconnected and of high quality, and alignment is ensured across the organization.

Storyteller allows users to define the customer journey all the way down to detailed condition statements. Users can automatically generate User Stories and Acceptance Criteria for the next sprint, all with the click of a button. User Stories are reliable and consistent, and there is no longer a need to expend time and resources to train one’s team on how to write them.

How does Storyteller Help?

Storyteller helps in three critical ways:

Auto-generate user stories

Blueprint Storyteller speeds up projects by auto-generating a complete set of high quality, well formatted and consistent User Stories, Acceptance Criteria and Tests.

Enhance Business & IT alignment

Blueprint Storyteller connects stories from the highest level business processes and requirements through to how individual users interact with the application.

Improve cross-departmental collaboration

Blueprint Storyteller enhances enterprise collaboration and communication from a broad range of users, of any skill, across the organization.


At Atlassian, we know that IT organizations are transitioning to agile in earnest. While they seek to accelerate application delivery, they must still comply with regulations, deal with non-functional requirements, and maintain a ‘living’ set of requirements that persists from release to release. Blueprint addresses these challenges, and tightly integrates with JIRA Software to align with development teams as they deliver faster than ever before using the #1 software development tool used by agile teams.

Sean Regan

Head of Software Marketing, Atlassian

Blueprint is breaking out as an Agile requirements vendor with its new Storyteller offering. It doesn’t just manage user stories; it also helps development teams easily write and collaborate on user needs with simple and intuitive formatting.

Forrester Research

Forrester Research,. Breakout Vendors: Agile Requirements Management. June 3, 2016

Blueprint’s Storyteller is an innovative product that is geared for Agile teams facing common enterprise challenges such as distributed stakeholders, a complex domain, or regulatory concerns.

Scott Ambler

Founder, Disciplined Agile

As organizations deploy large scale Agile rollouts, the gap in user story scoping, definition, and communication is becoming increasingly apparent as a major bottleneck in the value stream. Storyteller fills this gap by connecting the business, IT, and Agile development with a modern story authoring experience that's seamlessly integrated across the entire tool chain.

Mik Kersten

CEO, Tasktop

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