Whether you're in the midst of a transition to Agile or if you are well on your way, with Storyteller, everyone becomes engaged, stories are interconnected and high quality, and alignment is ensured across the organization. Users automatically generate User Stories and Acceptance Criteria for the next sprint, all with the click of a button.

Auto-generate user stories

Storyteller speeds up projects by auto-generating a complete set of high quality, well formatted and consistent User Stories, Acceptance Criteria and Tests. Storyteller syncs seamlessly with the Agile task management tool of your choice, delivers acceptance criteria in an intuitive 'Given-When-Then' format and removes the need to train users on how to write good stories.

Enhances business & IT alignment

Storyteller improves Business and IT Alignment through visualization and traceability. Storyteller connects stories from the highest level business processes and requirements through to how individual users interact with the application. You no longer need to worry that an early stage oversight or misinterpretation will derail your IT project downstream.

Improved cross-departmental collaboration

Storyteller enhances enterprise collaboration and communication from a broad range of users, of any skill, across the organization. Storyteller offers a simple way for users to share their stories, while allowing other stakeholders to interject with their thoughts and comments. Storyteller also auto-generates documents, even in Agile environments, for sign-off or filing, especially as needed for regulatory compliance.