Intelligent delivery of business value through your DevOps toolchain

Whether your organization is in the midst of an Agile transition or well on its way, Storyteller drives automation, collaboration, and maturity through your entire application lifecycle.

Project failures continue to plague even the most established Agile teams. The problem? Business-IT misalignment creates breaks in the DevOps toolchain where business value is destroyed.

To drive innovation, teams must align the business value expected by enterprise stakeholders throughout their Agile processes or risk delivering products that fail in the market.


Whether you are mature in your Agile transition or just getting started, Storyteller removes the product planning and definition bottlenecks in your system.

Visual Solution Models

Storyteller’s visual modeling enables business and IT stakeholders to collaboratively define customer journeys, value streams, and business processes. Visual models enable stakeholders across the organization to be aligned in decomposing features to a granular scale, while maintaining the context of the overall business goals.

Automated User Story Generation

Storyteller accelerates delivery by automatically generating a complete set of high-quality, well-formatted, consistent user stories and synchronizing them with the third-party application lifecycle management tool of choice.

Usage Scenario Walkthrough

Storyteller’s Walkthrough feature guides teams to design more compelling applications by simulating the end user experience, enabling intuitive design review and collaboration.

ALM and Testing Tool Integration

Storyteller integrates with more than 30 of the industry’s best Agile ALM tools. Our large portfolio of integrations, which include JIRA, VersionOne, CA Agile Central, and TFS, supports all Agile development methodologies.

Automated Workflow

The Storyteller Workflow feature enforces standardization, task assignment and the automation of common manual tasks. It guides stakeholders to automate business alignment throughout solution planning and delivery.

Centralization, Reuse and Standardization

Storyteller improves efficiency and enforces standards by enabling users to store and reuse internally predefined, validated content from a centralized repository. Teams can easily leverage pre-approved artifacts from a central repository.

Traceability and Impact Analysis

With Storyteller, users can reduce the risk of responding to rapidly changing requirements by automatically tracing relationships between artifacts, and viewing these relationships through an Impact Analysis. Automating traceability promotes ongoing feedback, enabling stakeholders to manage changes as they occur.


Baselines create formal, permanent records of release, feature sets, and enhancements for historical reference and audit purposes.


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Blueprint tightly integrates with JIRA Software to align with development teams as they deliver faster than ever before.


Blueprint is breaking out as an Agile requirements vendor with its Storyteller offering. It doesn’t just manage user stories; it also helps development teams easily write and collaborate on user needs with simple and intuitive formatting.

Forrester Research

Forrester Research,. Breakout Vendors: Agile Requirements Management. June 3, 2016

Blueprint’s Storyteller is an innovative product that is geared for Agile teams facing common enterprise challenges such as distributed stakeholders, a complex domain, or regulatory concerns.

Scott Ambler

Founder, Disciplined Agile

Storyteller resolves a major bottleneck in large scale Agile rollouts by connecting the business, IT and Agile development using a modern experience that is seamlessly integrated across the entire tool chain.

Mik Kersten

CEO, Tasktop

Blueprint allows business stakeholders to easily review requirements and provide input through threaded discussions and email-driven conversations. It's visual modeling capabilities boost collaboration.


As people start engaging with the solution, they get excited to use it. They definitely see it as superior to our old document-based approach.

Jeff Hallet, Sr. Director

R&D Elekta