IT projects that are on time, on budget and on point start with solid requirements.

Our packaged requirements management solution provides a solid foundation that helps enterprises accelerate large, distributed, complex IT projects and deliver enhanced business value.

New software application projects

When building custom applications Blueprint can help define your requirements and integrate with other application life cycle tools, supporting all methodologies.

Packaged software applications

When implementing a software application, Blueprint tracks all of your requirements, and auto-generates test cases ensuring the efficient implementation of any packaged solution - that meets your specific needs.

Merger/Acquisition IT integration

When integrating systems across organizations, Blueprint helps by tracking all of the needs and decisions of all involved – ensuring faster, more efficient systems integrations.

Legacy application modernization

When implementing major software upgrades Blueprint tracks all of the business, technical and system requirements in one place, ensuring that critical items are not missed during the upgrade process.

Are you developing projects using Waterfall? Agile? Both?

Blueprint is the ideal solution for those using a bimodal approach. Perhaps you are transitioning from Waterfall to Agile; or maybe you are using one methodology for some projects and another for the balance. In all of these cases, Blueprint can help.


Waterfall has been the default approach for large, complex IT projects for several decades, and has a track record of late delivery and cost overruns. Blueprint can help to mitigate these risks.


Changing from Waterfall to Agile can be risky. Blueprint supports an IT organization in their transition to agile, and can accommodate a portfolio where projects have a broad range of development approaches.

Accelerate projects and deliver more business value

Blueprint’s requirements management software resolves many of the time-consuming, costly, and error-prone functions, ensuring that critical projects are completed successfully, on time and on budget.



Allowing teams to save significant time and effort by reusing requirements across the enterprise.


Reporting & Analytics

Blueprint offers easy-to-use dashboards and rich reporting tools for increased management insight and enhanced visibility.


Centralized Repository

Blueprint provides one source for all documents. With everything accessible in one place, Blueprint customers can manage many roles, users and security across the full enterprise.



With a role based approach, embedded social media Blueprint’s application provides valuable collaboration capabilities for authors, reviewers, and casual users alike. Improved communication can increase stakeholder investment, diminish the need for rework and reduce errors.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

With Blueprint, hundreds of organizations around the world have discovered what happens
when they get requirements right from the start.

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