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Design and manage all your business processes - automated and otherwise -
in one place so you can reduce costs and deliver greater business value.


Improve How Work is Getting Done Across the Board

Understanding your business processes across a diverse, distributed organization is no easy task.

Blueprint enables you to design, improve, and govern all your business processes in one end-to-end solution. Identify inefficiencies, remove waste, and improve problematic processes to boost returns and reduce costs.

Manage & analyze all business processes

Connect data from your entire process ecosystem in one centralized platform to provide 360-degree visibility into how your business runs today, and a single source of truth for process documentation.

Understand which processes are contributing to (or detracting from) your business goals

Map processes to high-level business objectives, customer journeys, or value streams to quantify the impact of any process and localize areas for improvement.

Collaboratively redesign processes

Empower all stakeholders to improve and collaborate on process flows with an intuitive drag-and-drop process modeler. Enforce design standards by enabling users to store, search, and re-use predefined, validated content from a centralized process library.

Streamline reviews and approvals to accelerate time to value

Manage reviews and approvals digitally from within Blueprint. Users can easily access the specific content they need to review and rapidly provide feedback or approval to the necessary stakeholders that is always accessible for audits.

Proactively manage change

Understand the inter-relationships of processes, systems, and more to enable proactive change management that reduces risk, outages, and rework downstream.

Strategically plan & prioritize improvements

Leverage data-driven insights and analytics to plan and prioritize your next strategic improvement initiative. Make more informed decisions on whether to optimize, modernize, automate, or retire inefficient processes.

Once you've determined the best business process improvement strategy, execute it with speed & precision

Blueprint makes it easy to strategize and execute your process improvement strategy to accelerate cost reduction and increase efficiency.

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