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Automation Untangled

Blueprint's very own podcast on overcoming today's automation challenges.

Automation Untangled - Insight from Intelligent Automation Experts

Listen to Blueprint's podcast series, Automation Untangled, where each episode, we sit down with a different expert in the field of RPA and intelligent automation and discuss common challenges and ways to over come them. 

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Episode 1 - Author and Consultant Kieran Gilmurray

In the first ever episode of Automation Untangled, which was hosted live along with RPA Today, intelligent automation expert Kieran Gilmurray discusses overcoming "automation cowboy" syndrome, the true and practical definition of a "citizen developer," what makes switching RPA tools so difficult, and how you can get additional resources and support to help you overcome automation challenges.

Episode 2 - Dr. Jenya Doudareva and Rose Biacolo from Kainos

In this episode, two automation experts, Dr. Jenya Doudareva and Rose Biacolo, discuss their approach to intelligent automation, including predicting and preventing maintenance costs, create a complete picture of the process from the start, and more.

Episode 3 - Jeremy Gilchrist from Avanade

In episode 3, we sat down with Jeremy Gilchrist from Avanade to discuss how he guides organizations through their automation challenges, including navigating the complex process of selecting an RPA tool and managing a large environment of automated processes. 

Episode 4 - Tik Tok's Digital Transformation Princess Ema Roloff

Our guest, Ema Roloff, has successfully combined the world of digital transformation and social media into her own brand. With thousands of view and likes on her explanation videos on Tik Tok, YouTube, and LinkedIn, Ema has become a well known voice in the world of digital transformation, change management, and intelligent automation.

Episode 5 - Author and Advisor Tom Taulli

In this episode we sat down with author and advisor Tom Taulli to discuss how he guides organizations to improve their intelligent automation practices. Tom has written such books as Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction and The Robotic Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Implementing RPA Systems, in addition to publishing articles in Forbes, Barrons, and eSecurity Planet.

Episode 6 - Microsoft's VP, Power Automate, Stephen Siciliano

The Blueprint team sits down with Stephen Siciliano, Microsoft's Vice President of Power Automate, to chat about how automation has changed over the years, citizen development, what's coming next for Power Automate and much more.

Episode 7 - Professor Leslie Wilcocks, London School of Economics

In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Leslie Wilcocks from the London School of Economics. Dr. Wilcocks discussing he impressive history researching and evaluating IT systems, including RPA and intelligent automation platforms, and how modern automation solutions can improve your day to day operations.

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