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See how we used Storyteller to better understand the customer experience while delivering 200% more user stories and increase new feature adoption by 300%.

Company Profile

Blueprint is the creator of Storyteller and a leader in enterprise Agile planning solutions, supporting over 200,000 users across the world’s largest enterprises. We help organizations accelerate their agile transformation by improving business-IT alignment, automating work processes, and ensuring corporate compliance. 

Industry: SaaS
Employees: 50-100

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"With the implementation of Storyteller, we have been able to entirely replace spreadsheets which improved the way we understood customer experience"
- Senior Solution Manager | Blueprint=
Why Blueprint

Benefits Achieved with Blueprint

To address internal issues, Storyteller was used to model the desired customer experience from the high-level flow down to the detailed user-system interactions for every path a user could take in the product.

Improved Customer Understanding
By replacing spreadsheets with Storyteller, our teams were able to gain a better understanding of customers to deliver higher impacts and better designed customer experiences, faster.
More User Stories
Our teams were able to deliver 200% more user stories than before, exceeding results committed to the business.
Better Customer Adoption
With the new and improved customer experience, the customer adoption of new Storyteller features increased by 300%.

Challenges Faced

Traditionally, Blueprint’s product managers and product owners used spreadsheets to manage production and publications of new content and user experiences along the customer journey. The challenge was that as the content increased, clarity and organization began to deteriorate.

Poor Customer Experience
It became impossible to determine what a user would see on any given page which was extremely concerning to Blueprint due to the investments being made.
Customer Journey Misalignment
Uncertainty existed on whether the content would be optimized to reflect the user’s stage in the customer journey. Users needed additional information and guidance on how best to use Storyteller’s new features to advance their Agile practices.
Uncovered Knowledge Gaps
Focused on driving digital innovation in the market, Blueprint worked closely with early adopters and thought leaders in the agile market where we identified that a number of Storyteller’s features were new concepts to many users.

Blueprint Key Features

Blueprint introduced an initiative to improve Storyteller’s in-product customer experience and enhance its capabilities, providing users with a more autonomous agile experience. They were given the ability to discover best practices and guidance on using the product and encouraged to explore new capabilities through self-guided learning resources such as guided tours, slide-shows, videos, and FAQ’s. Blueprint created a series of new artifacts in order to leverage new use models.

Solutions Diagrams
A visual representation that clearly outlines interactive standards and practices by leveraging the common language of business processes. They enable stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate, contribute, navigate through the system.
Used to represent different user personas and provide visibility to each persona’s journey in the product.
Textual Requirements
These artifacts were ideal for communicating non-visual content such as non-functional or documentation requirements in the form of a basic notepad, providing the ability to communicate with a variety of people and uphold standards.
User Stories & Test Cases
These are automatically generated from solution processes and synced to JIRA, Storyteller’s workflow management module, and other software tools as needed. Test cases are generated and integrated with TestRail as a QA solution.

"Our team has been able to deliver 200% more user stories than previously and we have exceeded our expectations for the business"

Senior Product Owner | Blueprint

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