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Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite Product Demo

Watch these four short product demos to discover how you can design, develop and govern higher quality process optimization initiatives in a fraction of the time it would take with manual documents, and with significantly less compliance risk.

Part 1: How Blueprint Creates Value

Discover how the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite empowers modern enterprises to quickly and easily manage, optimize, and automate business processes through the use of Digital Blueprints. This enables you to stop pushing paper and start driving high-impact business value and transform what’s possible within your business.  

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite helps you shift from being reactive to proactive by: 

  • Improving your ability to optimize current business processes for efficiency and automation 
  • Aligning all functional and non-functional specifications to the development process
  • Simplifying the change management process to improve compliance and exceptions-handling for in-production bots

Part 2: Process Design & Modeling with Blueprint

For those doing process design for automation, Blueprint provides immediate benefits by:

  • Digitizing unstructured data into a single version platform 
  • Organizing data from both Process Discovery and Mining tools and unstructured sources into workable parts 
  • Ensure all processes work together without redundancy 
  • Develop a Digital Blueprint that will drive bot development

Part 3: Accelerating RPA Development with Blueprint

Blueprint provides RPA developers with an accurate and complete starting point for their work - a Digital Blueprint. 

  • Aligning all functional and non-functional specifications to the development process
  • Automatically generated functional and acceptance tests 
  • Trace all relevant information from Digital Blueprints, providing developers with full context

Part 4: Managing Change & Compliance with Blueprint

Blueprint dramatically reduces the burden of managing change and compliance with the Digital Blueprint: 

  • Develop higher-quality bots that account for dependencies 
  • Trace the impact of change back to a specific process more efficiently 
  • Eliminate errors and rework by aligning business, IT, and compliance stakeholders

Blueprint is your Process Automation Engine for the Enterprise

The Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite offers you a solution that allows you to design, optimize, connect, manage, and store all of the critical information related to how you run your business today, and how you intend to continuously optimize processes for tomorrow.

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