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The RPA Metrics You Should be Tracking to Drive ROI

On-Demand Webinar

From Blueprint's Webinar on February 23, 2021.

The RPA honeymoon is over—RPA programs are failing to meet their objectives and deliver on their promised ROI.

One reason companies aren't maximizing their returns from RPA is because automation teams aren't focusing on the right metrics. In this webinar, we present the 5 overlooked but critical KPIs you need to start monitoring to drive automation success. 

Specifically, in this webinar, we show you:

  • The most common RPA metrics being monitored and why they don't provide the visibility and insight needed to understand the health of your bot ecosystem
  • The 5 little-known but crucial KPIs you need to start watching to maximize the value of your automations
  • How to track and measure these critical RPA metrics to see improvements over time 

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