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Reduce your Automation TCO - Simple Principles to Lower Costs & Maximize ROI


The total cost of ownership (TCO) for RPA is cannibalizing its own ROI, essentially turning the business case for automation upside-down.

From Blueprint's Webinar on April 22, 2021.

With some simple shifts to how you design, communicate and manage your RPA program, you can radically reduce your TCO and maximize the ROI on your investment.

In this webinar, we’ll break down:

  • Which RPA cost components are driving up your total cost of ownership
  • How to visualize your RPA TCO to identify where costs may be creeping above budget
  • Simple design and planning principles that will dramatically lower the costs of RPA Development & Deployment
  • How to improve RPA governance and change management to reduce Maintenance & Support costs so you can maximize the ROI of your RPA initiatives

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