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RPA Migration Demo Videos

See how Blueprint can migrate your RPA estate with 60-75% time and cost savings while improving your estate in the process

RPA Migration with Blueprint

Blueprint is designed to help you upgrade your RPA program. By greatly simplifying the process of moving your RPA estate to a next-generation platform, Blueprint will help you significantly improve your ROI. 

In addition, Blueprint is much more than a simple "lift and shift" solution, as our tool instantly provides you with loads of new data and analytics on your current bot estate, helping you understand migration efforts, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate waste and redundancies. 

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RPA Platform Migration with Blueprint
60-75% Time and Cost Savings with Blueprint RPA Migration

RPA Analytics

Gain detailed insight into your current RPA estate with Blueprint's RPA Analytics. See how you can better plan for and reduce the cost of an RPA Migration project. 

Migrate from Automation Anywhere to Microsoft Power Automate

Are you struggling to find a way to move off of Automate Anywhere v11? See how Blueprint can help with our product demo videos.

Migrate from Blue Prism to Microsoft Power Automate

See how quickly and easily you can migrate your entire RPA estate from Blue Prism to Microsoft's Power Automate. 

Migrate from UiPath to Microsoft Power Automate

Take advantage of Microsoft's competitive pricing structure and native integrations by migration from UiPath to Microsoft Power Automate. 

Need additional guidance planning for an RPA Migration project?

Download our eBook, A Guide to RPA Migration, for some guidance and quick tips to make your migration efforts a success.

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