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Blueprint Collaboration Hub

Blueprint Collaboration Hub is the heart of the Enterprise Suite, delivering global communication, transparency, collaboration and a single source of truth across the entire organization.
Maintain a single source of truth in one centralized repository to increase efficiency
Collaborate in real-time with in-line conversations to optimize alignment and operational speed
Execute reviews and approvals across all stakeholders in one location to drive design and delivery
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Learn more about the key features that make Blueprint Collaboration Hub the optimal tool for enterprise teams to collaborate and create a single source of truth across the organization.

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collaboration hub video
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Get a quick overview of Blueprint Collaboration Hub and see some key features in action.
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Discover first-hand how the Blueprint Collaboration Hub will drive alignment and collaboration across your enterprise.

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Run your entire organization like one powerful team
Business processes and decisions are the foundation on which your organization is built. Blueprint Collaboration Hub acts as a single source of truth, giving stakeholders across the enterprise a transparent meeting point to combine their work and expertise.

Collaborate in real-time, worldwide

Discuss and clarify entire business processes or even individual process steps with in-line conversations, providing additional information, optimal for remote or globally distributed teams. Add document attachments to both processes and granular process steps for added precision when collaborating on and executing business objectives.

Execute reviews and approvals faster than ever

Design, execute, and track reviews and approvals in Blueprint's Collaboration Hub, facilitating collaboration across a broad range of stakeholders with all approvals becoming part of the permanent record. A central repository facilitates the efficient distribution of business processes to be reviewed, with all feedback, approvals, and interactions recorded within the system.

Transparent and complete visibility

A history of every single change to a business process is automatically recorded behind the scenes so you can always tell who altered what, when, and why for every single change made. View any historical version, instantly zero in on the attributes that have changed between versions, and fully restore a previous version or select individual attributes to restore. 

Eliminate redundancy

Leverage relevant work and content that has already been created by uncovering similar artifacts through Blueprint's intelligent recommendations. Then maintain a precise description of the current state and source of truth by reusing artifacts and reconciling changes.

Discover the power of one centralized place
where global teams can collaborate
Large organizations have a wealth of talent and expertise at their disposal but lack the tools to effectively bring this talent together. The Blueprint Collaboration Hub delivers this critical ability where all stakeholders can transparently access, communicate, share, and collaborate on their work to drive digital process automation initiatives forward.

Centralized Repository

A single, unified repository creates a single source of truth for all stakeholders across the enterprise. Blueprint's centralized repository holds both business and regulatory artifacts that are versioned, auditable, secure and scalable, and completely mapped, including business process diagrams, customer journeys, value streams, and more. Improve efficiency and enforce standards by enabling users to store, search, and reuse predefined, validated content from a centralized location.

Reviews and Approvals

Disconnected, siloed documents that are distributed via email delay and congest the review and approval process. In the Blueprint Collaboration Hub, reviews and approvals are now tracked within the system, allowing all stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate and converge on approvals. All feedback, approvals, and review interactions are also captured in the Collaboration Hub’s central repository, making them both always accessible for audit purposes, and reportable.

Inline Conversations & Attachments

Don't let any context around a decision get lost. Add inline conversations for business processes or create a conversation for an individual step to provide additional context and facilitate the decision-making process. Document attachments can also be added to processes and individual steps to help clarify and collaborate in real-time, very precisely, even with remote or distributed teams.

Versioning, Compare, & Merge

When you unlock the full capability of a central repository, precisely analyzing change becomes effortless. In the Blueprint Collaboration Hub, automate analysis instantly by visualizing changes between artifact versions in a document-like redlines or with a side-by-side view for a more detailed comparison. You can also enable full control change management with the ability to revert artifact versions to reverse mistakes or oversights.

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What our Customers are Saying
The greatest benefit of Blueprint is the centralized requirements repository. This has given us a single place to look for requirements when enhancing a system, rather than searching through 10+ years of defect and enhancement tickets to gain a true picture of functionality.
Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company
Business Analyst
Blueprint is centralizing our requirements to one source of truth, making it easier for our teams to collaborate.
Large Enterprise Hospitality Company
IT Systems Analyst
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation
Blueprint creates a clear and well-documented audit trail. It's traceability features help us link all information to relevant data and regulations making sure that everything is aligned with our ultimate business goals.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
IT Compliance Officer
With the centralized repository, our business teams expectations have been more aligned with [IT] capabilities. This has helped us not only virtually eliminated any need for rework, but it's also made our end-products more consistent which satisfies our customers.
Large Insurance Company
Product Owner