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Automatically migrate your RPA estate to Automation Anywhere A360

Migrate with Blueprint.
Save 60-75% of your time and money in migration costs.

Migrate to Automation Anywhere A360 the Automatic Way

Migrating entire RPA estates to new intelligent automation platforms can be expensive, time-consuming, and risky, but it doesn't have to be!

Blueprint provides an end-to-end migration solution that enables organizations to migrate their RPA estates automatically with 60-75% time and cost savings when compared to manual methods. 

Blueprint ingests all of your automations from your legacy RPA tool and then automatically converts and maps each process into Automation 360. You see the percentage that each process has already been mapped and how much minimal effort is required to make the automation operational. The instant analytics Blueprint delivers also enables you to improve your entire automation estate and remove redundant processes to further reduce costs.

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The Benefits of Upgrading to Automation Anywhere A360 with Blueprint

Reduce the Time & Effort of Migrating by 60-75%

Blueprint maps your automations into A360 for you. With only minor adjustments needed, the time and money it takes to switch platforms is radically reduced.

Understand & Improve your RPA Estate

When Blueprint ingests your legacy RPA files, you get instant analytics and insight. Understand what you have in your estate, how feasible a move is, what's working, and retire what's not.

Prioritize & Plan Migration Work

Because Blueprint provides such detailed analytics and information on your current automations, you can plan and prioritize your migration according to complexity and value without ever having to turn the lights off.

Ready to upgrade to Automation Anywhere's Automation 360?

Switching to Automation 360 has never been easier or faster. Get a free custom estimate and discover all the time and cost savings Blueprint's migration solution can deliver.

Enable higher ROI by switching to Automation Anywhere with Blueprint

Talk to one of our experts and see how your organization can upgrade to Automation Anywhere's A360 with 60-75% time and cost savings while improving your entire RPA estate.

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