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Blueprint's Integration
with Automation Anywhere

Assess, improve, and optmize your automation estate before seamlessly
upgrading to Automation Anywhere's A360 for increased scale and ROI.

Blueprint's Integration with Automation Anywhere: The Results

0 % Cost Savings on Re-platforming
0 x Faster RPA Re-platforming
0 % Cost Reduction for Automation After Value Map Assessment

How Blueprint's Integration with
Automation Anywhere Works

Blueprint provides a re-platforming solution that enables organizations to upgrade and optimize their automated processes from legacy RPA tools like Blue Prism to Automation Anywhere's Automation 360 faster and at a fraction of the cost than any other solution available.

Blueprint ingests all of your automations from your legacy RPA tool. Once you’ve imported your automation files into Blueprint, you get instant analytics and data via a Value Map Assessment that provides detailed insight into your entire automation estate, which can guide and inform decisions that will lower operational costs.

In the background, Blueprint’s Common Object Model (COM)  Blueprint converts and maps each process into Automation 360. You’ll see the percentage that each process from your legacy RPA tool has already been mapped, requiring limited fit and finishing touches and removing the manual effort that delays and complicates so many upgrade projects.



Ready to upgrade to Automation Anywhere's Automation 360?

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The Benefits of Upgrading to Automation Anywhere A360 with Blueprint

Understand Your Automation Estate

Understand Your
Automation Estate

Blueprint performs a Value Map Assessment once your automation files are imported so you can see what you have in your estate, how feasible a move is, what's working, and retire what's not.

Reduce the Time & Effort<br> of Re-platforming

Reduce the Time & Effort
of Re-platforming

Blueprint maps the majority of your automations into A360 for you. With only fit and finish actions needed, the time and money it takes to switch platforms is radically reduced.

Prioritize Re-platforming Work

Prioritize Re-platforming Work

Because Blueprint provides such detailed analytics and information on your current automations, you can plan and prioritize re-platforming according to complexity and value without ever having to turn the lights off.

Create One Source of Truth

Create One Source of Truth

A digital twin of your automation will reside in Blueprint so you'll have one source of truth in a central location to optimize automation governance and value delivery.

Monitor Your Automations

Monitor Your Automations

Blueprint delivers reporting and analytics dashboards that enable you to continually monitor your automations and ensure you’re keeping the total cost of ownership low while maximizing returns.

Realize Greater ROI

Realize Greater ROI

Realize significantly higher returns from optimizing your automation estate with a Value Map Assessment, accelerating re-platforming while reducing the effort needed to switch, and leveraging all the benefits of cloud automation.

Enable higher ROI by switching to Automation Anywhere with Blueprint

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