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Task Capture

Record process workflows with ease. Ensure data security.
Accelerate process analysis and optimization for any output you have in mind.

Blueprint's Task Capture feature accelerates business process definition by recording details of how your employees execute workflows. Once captured, your business processes are ready to be analyzed, optimized, and prioritized for whatever downstream output will drive the most value.


Easily capture and define current-state

Document current business processes with ease by having SME's record workflow execution. This captures process data in a significantly more contextual way than other process discovery or mining tools.

Automatically capture low-level details needed to drive process automation

Blueprint Task Capture automatically documents low-level details such as screenshots for each step needed for downstream outputs like process automation, enabling you to accelerate RPA design and delivery.

Effortlessly edit captured processes

Easily add, delete, and modify your captured processes with the ability to include contextual details to each step.

Prioritize data security

Leverage built-in security measures to protect sensitive data.

Improve the employee experience

Blueprint Task Capture is non-invasive. Employees are asked to manually record process execution instead of having invasive agents sit on their desktops.

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