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Process Optimization

Creating a new automated process is not a one and done activity. Blueprint is built to help you better understand and improve your existing processes so you can reduce costs and run your business as smooth as possible.

Improve How Work is Getting Done Across the Board
Process optimization often feels like a daunting task. However, Blueprint can help you easily discover and address critical issues with your automated processes that can help you reduce maintenance costs and eliminate problematic automations.

Understand which processes are contributing to (or detracting from) your business goals

Map processes to high-level business objectives, customer journeys, or value streams to quantify the impact of any process and localize areas for optimization. This makes it easy to ensure that all work is directly contributing to the achievement of high-level business goals.

Collaboratively redesign processes

Empower stakeholders to optimize  and weigh in on process flows with an intuitive drag-and-drop process modeler, or enforce design standards by enabling users to store, search, and re-use predefined, validated content from a centralized process library.

Simulate how process changes will impact business outcomes, and plan accordingly

Use advanced machine learning to simulate how process changes will impact business outcomes in order to fine-tune improvements before they’re implemented. Understand what new downstream gaps may crop up as a result of solving upstream problems, and continuously monitor improvement against the to-be model.

Establish a culture of continuous optimization

Monitor processes to identify and address issues, improve on key business metrics, and build a culture of continuous optimization. When business requirements change, click a button to identify processes that are impacted to take quick and decisive action to remediate.

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