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Manage Risk & Compliance

The pace, complexity, and impact of change is affecting nearly every industry, yet one thing seems to remain constant - the need to proactively manage and mitigate risk and ensure compliance for your organization. Blueprint was designed to specifically enable large organizations to deliver high-quality and more cost-efficient ways to manage risk and compliance.

Build Confidence through Process Governance and Control

Regardless of industry, every organization today faces some type of pressure from a regulatory authority to ensure all business processes are compliant. For large organizations to effectively manage risk and compliance, they need a holistic, transparent, and collaborative strategy that will connect regulatory requirements to business processes so that business and IT stakeholders can deliver compliant solutions at an accelerated rate. Blueprint can help companies meet the requirements of regulations in a structured, controlled and secure way. With Blueprint, companies can confidently develop an integrated view of their critical business processes and information flows including risk and control points that are necessary for compliance and continuity.

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The Blueprint Advantage

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Blueprint creates the transparency
you need for peace of mind

Take Control of Compliance Costs - Risk & Compliance

Reduce Compliance Costs

On top of managing risk and compliance in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, you're also tasked with keeping costs low and ensuring operations are in line with regulatory obligations. Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite enables your teams to effectively predict regulatory change and proactively prepare for its impact by building stable, consistent, and resilient business processes. This will significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance and in turn, ensure operations are running efficiently without any additional costs.

Gain Visibility into the Organization - Risk & Compliance

Improve Visibility
Around Risk

Using documents to manage compliance prevents agility and responsiveness to change, which introduces errors into the process. Blueprint's interactive impact analysis combined with comprehensive visual modeling reveals dependencies between business objectives, IT capabilities, and regulatory obligations, empowering compliance stakeholders to see the impact, ensure change is always accounted for, and create alignment on regulatory obligations across the organization.

Enforce Compliance Standards - Risk & Compliance

Enforce Standards Across
the Enterprise

As the rest of the organization digitally transforms to deliver business solutions, you are stuck managing risk and compliance in Microsoft Word and Excel files that are impossible to manage change in, do not accurately reflect the business, and are disconnected from other tools. Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite enables your team to connect regulatory obligations to the enterprise business architecture, making it easier to enforce compliance standards across the organization.

Manage Risk Collaboratively - Risk & Compliance

Manage Risk Collaboratively

Collaborative risk management strategies are inherently more robust than ones which rely on one or two risk managers sitting in an office somewhere. Unlock the “wisdom of the crowd” by including staff throughout your organization in the risk management conversation and providing the necessary visibility into the enterprise business architecture. This allows you to translate strategy into action by empowering compliance teams to proactively plan and prioritize regulatory changes and standardize across the enterprise.

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What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint's ability to be a permanent record for what has been or is being delivered is huge for us and, it’s enabling us to make better decisions
Susan Hill, Manager — Business Systems Analysis Competency Center, Global Customer Service Delivery
With the ability to conduct an impact analysis, we’ve been able to gain a complete perspective of how the business requirements interact with the regulatory and operational requirements enabling us to deliver high-quality products, faster and with less regulatory risk.
Large Enterprise Financial Services Company
Solutions Architect
The most impactful benefit of using Blueprint at our organization is that it provides us a standard method for capturing, reviewing and approving software requirements as a result of more detailed mapping of all regulatory information.
Large Enterprise Financial Services Company
Software Developer

Proactively Manage and Mitigate Risk & Compliance

Speak to one of our experts to learn how leveraging Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite can help you build governance, risk, and compliance management framework that reduces risk and improves the quality of business solutions.

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