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Accelerate and Scale Enterprise RPA

Blueprint provides the context and end-to-end visibility you need to rapidly design, optimize, and automate more complex and higher-quality business processes, enabling you to scale enterprise RPA, mitigate compliance risks, and maximize the delivery of business value.

Bots built 30% faster? Check.
Bots build with 3x Less rework. Check.

Build your end-to-end solution to accelerate and scale RPA development

Blueprint integrates with both Process Mining, Discovery and Capture tools and leading RPA platforms, allowing your organization to accelerate RPA development with higher-quality automated processes.

First, create a Digital Blueprint that aligns and optimizes your prioritized processes and connects them to customer needs, business objectives, regulations, or non-functionals to provide precise information on what’s to be automated. Then, automatically push your Blueprint to your RPA tool of choice, including Blue Prism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, and more.

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Capture and Design Processes First, then Scale RPA Across the Enterprise

Large organizations feel significant pressure to deliver more efficient, streamlined, and responsive processes, quickly adapt to market changes while meeting organizational objectives. With its promise of significant savings in staff costs, reduced repetitive work, and fewer errors and rework, enterprise RPA has become increasingly common. However, without the right foundation, RPA can lead to unexpected difficulties.

Looking at RPA as an “add-on” to existing systems and processes can yield short-term gains, but ultimately is not sustainable. Organizations should take an enterprise view of RPA to maximize the technology’s impact and fuel a shift in your organization’s mindset towards process improvement. That’s how true transformation occurs. Helping organizations building an RPA workforce on an enterprise-wide scale lies at the very heart of the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite.

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The Blueprint Advantage

0 % Faster Process Design & Bot Development
0 % More Employee Engagement & Collaboration
0 x Less Rework & Bot Outages
0 % Lower Bot Maintenance Costs
0 X ROI in Less than 6 Months

Blueprint provides the foundation for effective enterprise RPA

Automate Complex Process - Accelerate & Scale RPA

Automate More Complex Processes

It’s difficult for enterprise organizations to progress beyond automating tactical “swivel-chair” tasks to automating higher-level, more complex business processes. Blueprint analyzes high-level, complex business processes so that you can identify opportunities for automation that will drive significantly greater business value.

Gain Clarity - Accelerate and Scale RPA

Gain Clarity, Not Oversimplification

Tools like Visio and Microsoft Word don’t offer detailed views of how processes and sub-processes unfold. Blueprint provides an easy-to-understand visual modeller that also clearly delineates sub-processes, enabling you to get as much or as little detail as you want. Blueprint also shares this information with your RPA tools so developers never miss a functional or non-functional requirement.

Account for Constraints & Regulations - Accelerate & Scale RPA

Account for Constraints & Regulations

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite breaks down the silo between business, IT, and compliance stakeholders, making it easier to ensure all RPA development is aligned with regulatory requirements and business objectives.

Manage Change Proactively - Accelerate & Scale RPA

Manage Change Proactively

IT and business ecosystems are complex and interconnected, creating a myriad of dependencies that can be incredibly challenging to navigate. The Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite enables you to accurately assess and predict the impact of changes to any automated business process, allowing you to better monitor and manage your RPA solutions.

Leverage a Single Source of Truth - Accelerate & Scale RPA

Leverage A Single Source of Truth

Blueprint acts as a single source of truth for your entire organization, meaning all process information is stored within Blueprint's centralized repository so all stakeholders can see and contribute to process design in the same environment. There's no need to track and manage work via disparate sources such as email, Visio, or excel spreadsheets.

Empower your Teams - Accelerate & Scale RPA

Empower Your Teams

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite enables non-technical stakeholders to truly take charge of their RPA projects from discovery and design through development. For the organization, this means your RPA investment won't be plagued with delays and unforeseen costs. Processes will be streamlined, directly boosting your RPA ROI.

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What our Customers are Saying
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation
Blueprint’s ability to define and decompose complex current state process flows is instrumental in enabling us to collaboratively and visually define our future state processes and potential candidates for automation.
Blueprint's ability to be a permanent record for what has been or is being delivered is huge for us and, it’s enabling us to make better decisions
Susan Hill, Manager — Business Systems Analysis Competency Center, Global Customer Service Delivery

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