Robotic Process Automation
at Enterprise Scale

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with the ability to mine, model, analyze and optimize complex business processes, identify the right places to apply RPA, automatically load your RPA tool of choice with optimized processes for automation, monitor and manage the performance of RPA-enabled processes, and ensure people and robots work together in harmony.
Discover. Design. Deliver. Faster.

Capture business processes, map them into customer journeys. value streams, and visual models, and optimize them for seamless bot deployment. 

Understand the Impact of Change

Use trace relationships to relate critical information to your business processes and quickly understand the downstream impact of changes.

Ensure your Digital Workforce is Compliant

Ensure rules, policies, procedures, and controls are tied into your business process models so that the work your bots deliver is always compliant. 

Achieve Robotic Process Automation at Enterprise Scale

As start-ups continue to disrupt the marketplace, enterprises are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to build a more efficient, streamlined, and responsive organization. However, most organizations are significantly limited in their ability to scale RPA because they lack visibility into complex business processes. 

To achieve RPA at an enterprise scale, organizations must visually model, connect, and align business processes to overall business strategy and objectives. This way, bots are optimally designed, built, and executed ensuring the organization is realizing the full potential and benefits of RPA at scale. 

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Extract existing process data to establish a "current state" picture of business processes

Establish a "current state" picture of your organization and plan your automation strategy by capturing the work of your employees. Connect with the right people, including IT, business, and compliance, to drive automation opportunities that will enable you to realize the full potential of your RPA goals. 

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Design and optimize business processes to drive operational efficiency and RPA at scale

By capturing the day-to-day activities of employees, organizations can design and optimize business processes and align them with customer journeys and value streams, enabling them to drive operational efficiency and RPA at scale. Further, with a single source of truth, cross-functional stakeholders can share valuable insights, helping teams deliver products that align with customer needs, business objectives, and regulatory obligations.

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Collaborate effectively in real-time within a 'single source of truth'

Consolidate critical process information, including process diagrams, customer journeys, value streams, and more, into a single, unified system-of-record - providing automatic versioning of each and every asset. This ‘single source of truth’ improves efficiency and enforces standards by enabling your users to store, search and reuse internally predefined, validated content from a centralized location. Users can also add document attachments to individual process steps, or even have in-line conversations on individual steps, providing additional information to help clarify and collaborate in real-time, very precisely, even with remote or distributed teams.

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Align RPA with high-level business strategy to prioritize quick-to-value automation

Support alignment and agility from the get-go by using trace relationships to tether business strategy, customer needs, and enterprise constraints to RPA initiatives. Not only will this provide an end-to-end view of business processes, but it also offers the opportunity to optimize the flow of business value before automation and easily identify the downstream impact of any changes.  

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Trace relationships between processes to understand the impact of any change before you make it

Change is constant for any enterprise. The Blueprint Impact Explorer delivers the powerful ability to connect your business processes to all of your critical information like policies, controls, and regulations with a click of a button, and truly understand the impact of any change before you make it.

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Automatically push optimized processes to RPA tools for automation

Improve efficiency and enforce standards by enabling users to store, search, and reuse predefined, validated content from a centralized location. Because Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite integrates bi-directionally with leading RPA tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, you can quickly and easily load optimized processes, along with their constraints and attachments, into your RPA tool of choice, providing the RPA developer with an invaluable headstart. 

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Ensure compliance across your digital workforce

Use trace relationships to relate critical information like rules, policies, controls, risks,  and compliance regulations to your business processes. This ensures all essential information, particularly compliance requirements, are accounted for and you have the entire context when automating or making critical business decisions. With reviews and approvals established and tracked within the platform, those approvals becoming part of the permanent record and are easily accessible when it comes time to audit.


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Blueprint solves the challenge of scaling RPA to the enterprise
By integrating Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite with your RPA platform you'll enable value-added functionality that will allow you to scale your RPA initiatives.


It's difficult for enterprise organizations to progress beyond automating tactical “swivel-chair” tasks to automating higher-level, more complex business processes.


With the ability to visually model everything from business processes to customer journeys to value streams, Blueprint makes it easy to express complete end-to-end processes of any complexity. 

Blueprint also interrelates processes with other relevant models, nesting or decomposing them into progressively greater levels of detail and creating trace relationships to ensure all essential information is accounted for and you have the entire context when making critical business decisions, or when automating


When designing processes in RPA tools, a multitude of enterprise constraints in the form of rules, policies, controls, regulations, and non-functional requirements are often missed, resulting in costly rework and delay.


In addition to holding business processes, Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite also holds all information related to enterprise constraints, including rules, policies, controls, regulations, non-functionals, etc - in a central system-of-record.

By creating trace relationships between robotic processes and relevant constraints, you can assure all essential information is accounted for and you have complete context when automating your processes. Through the integration, Bot developers working in RPA tools can easily click attached artifacts to understand context, as well as review and confirm these relationships in real-time.


As human activities transition to bots, it’s difficult to ensure continued regulatory compliance in an ever-changing and complex regulatory landscape.


Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite ingests, stores and decomposes regulatory content. It supports compliance lineage from the regulatory work through to relevant RPA activities, while Blueprint’s advanced versioning, audit logs and reporting can satisfy both internal and external audit requirements.


When business-level changes happen, it is increasingly difficult to know which bots are affected, especially amidst the complexity of enterprise processes. 


Blueprint allows you to easily create trace relationships to relate critical information like rules, policies, controls, risks, and regulations to your business processes.

When a change happens, with the click of a button Blueprint’s Impact Explorer will display all downstream related assets, including robotic processes, that are potentially impacted due to the change. 

In instances where a relationship wasn’t previously established to an impacted asset, Blueprint’s intelligent recommendations can assist with exposing those hidden impacts.


Organizations want business users more involved/engaged in the design process but the UI of current RPA tools is difficult. Additionally, citizen development is still not a reality as bot developers continue to require technical skills.


Designed with business users in mind, Blueprint combines a refreshingly modern and easy-to-use interface that leverages drag-and-drop functionality, but with the depth of BPMN.

Using Blueprint also simplifies and improves Bot development functionality, giving Bot developers a richer design package (process flows, traces to non-functional and regulatory, test scripts, etc.) to make their jobs easier.


RPA development continues to be opportunistic at a tactical level and is difficult to maintain alignment with high-level business strategy.


With the ability to visually model everything from business processes to customer journeys to value streams, Blueprint makes it easy to connect and align automated business processes to overall business strategy, customer needs, and enterprise constraints. Nest or decompose processes into progressively greater levels of detail and create trace relationships to ensure you have the entire context when making critical business decisions, or when automating.


Experience the next generation of digital process automation at scale and accelerate your time to value, today.

What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint’s ability to define and decompose complex current state process flows is instrumental in enabling us to collaboratively and visually define our future state processes and potential candidates for automation.
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation
We develop business process flows for everything from quotes to rates to policy changes using Blueprint’s Business Process Modeler. We then use the advanced review and approval features within Blueprint to communicate with key stakeholders and confirm that business processes meet their needs before automating.
Using Blueprint has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
Business Analyst