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Value Stream Mapping

Accelerate your agile transformation and drive real business value with Value Stream Mapping.
Eliminate Waste and Add Customer Value
Visualize processes from end-to-end to easily identify and remove bottlenecks, and deliver value to the customer. 
Connect People to Business Objectives
Align cross-functional thinking around delivering business value and continuous innovation. 
Greater Visibility. Better Predictability
Understand constraints, set priorities, and improve product planning to increase value delivery. 

Drive Business Value from Ideation to Delivery with Value Stream Mapping

The world of software development has grown increasingly complicated - especially for large enterprises that are under increasing pressure to deliver valuable products to the end-user faster than ever before.

To overcome the challenges of modern software development, organizations are turning to Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to map, optimize, visualize, measure, and govern the flow of business value from ideation to delivery. VSM gives managers the necessary visibility and data to ensure their teams are focused on maximizing business value throughout the development lifecycle. 


Maximize business value from the products, applications, and services you deliver

Build value stream maps that connect objectives to strategic initiatives that drive transformational change and maximize business value. Use the Business Process Modeler to visualize the flow of business value, identify enterprise constraints, understand impacts from decisions, and easily measure progress. 

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Collaborate seamlessly with distributed teams

Remove the silos and get everyone working on the same page - use the Collaboration Hub to work in-real time with distributed teams and share instant feedback through threaded conversations, get automated notifications, and clearly see the flow of business value through value stream mapping. Cross-functional collaboration has never been easier. 

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Understand the impact of change on business value in constantly changing environments

Don't let change hinder your ability to execute key strategic initiatives successfully. Use the Impact Explorer to track and measure the impact of change in real-time by managing the interrelationships and dependencies between business activities and business objectives. 

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Focus the team on delivered value by measuring progress and gaining visibility

Gain clear, centralized, executive-level visibility into your organization's capacity to respond to changes that impact the flow of business value throughout the software delivery lifecycle. With Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, team leaders can manage enterprise constraints, identify processes for optimization, and visualize the effect of change.

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Are you ready to drive game-changing business innovation with effective value stream mapping?

Speak with one of our experts to learn how you can get started with Value Stream Mapping today.

What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint's ability to be a permanent record for what has been or is being delivered is huge for us and, it’s enabling us to make better decisions
Susan Hill, Manager — Business Systems Analysis Competency Center, Global Customer Service Delivery
Blueprint enabled us to accelerate our transformation through cross-functional collaboration and alignment.
Large Insurance Organization
Product Manager
Blueprint was the stand-out solution on the market that had the features we needed to drive the change we wanted.
Bank Central Asia
Senior IT Analyst
We use Blueprint's Customer Journey Mapping capabilities to ensure Business and IT alignment.
Pharmaceutical Company
SVP, Application Development