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We recently announced that Gartner, one of the world’s leading research and advisory companies for competitive insights, released their 2019 Magic Quadrant report for Enterprise Agile Planning tools. These tools help organizations introduce an agile model that is customer-centric, collaborative, and business-outcome driven. These tools are an evolution from the traditional project-centric agile tools that have dominated the market.

Blueprint's Journey from Niche to Visionary

“We are extremely proud to be recognized as a Visionary in our second inclusion in a Gartner Magic Quadrant. To us, this is truly an honor to be shared with our amazing customers, partners, and team.” Dan Shimmerman, CEO at Blueprint.

Last year Blueprint began to gain recognition from analysts as a Niche player for our unique ability to apply intuitive visual modeling techniques as a means to define user stories. This year we had one of the biggest leaps among EAP tools, advancing our position in both vision and execution. Along with that, many of the current big-name players receded, indicating the space continues to be very fluid and disruptive. We are confident in our process of continuous innovation will fuel our continued evolution toward market leadership.

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Analysts have recognized Blueprint as forward thinking, applying novel yet pragmatic solutions to the enterprise problem. Storyteller is an enterprise-class platform purpose-built to create unparalleled alignment between strategy, execution and delivery throughout the software development life cycle. Our customers achieve faster delivery of high-value product releases at vastly reduced cost and exposure to risk.

Shifting Industry Trends

Not only is our technology proving to be successful, some of the older and more traditional agile products are not as effective as once thought. It is not surprising to see that every current major player regressed as people continue to look for innovative solutions for their enterprise problems by adopting an agile development methodology.

This year also marked a number of new entrants in the quadrant, all of whom offer their own breadth of solutions. We expect this type of disruption to continue as more people recognize the need for enterprise alignment. Vendors are beginning to recognize that aligning IT alone is not enough. There is a significant need to align the overall business as well for a more agile software development approach, marking a true shift from DevOps to BizDevOps. Vendors capable of doing this, like Blueprint, are the ones who will continue to grow and gain market share.

There are already signs of consolidation in the market, such as the recent acquisition of AgileCraft by Atlassian, showing that some of the current players are looking to be more competitive. We expect more of this to continue in the coming years as vendors begin to understand and adapt to the current needs of organizations. Many of the current EAP solutions can be used complimentary with one another to improve their software development methodologies.

Continuing our Vision and Execution

From the beginning, Blueprint has understood the importance of continuously aligning business and IT goals which has led us to the development of Storyteller. We truly believe our unique enterprise software is exactly what organizations need to execute their vision and maximize return on investment. We continue our process of innovation and experimentation with new solutions that better align key stakeholders such as IT, business lines, regulators and customers. Storyteller is the foundation of an agile framework that helps organizations increase efficiency and collaboration while minimizing miscommunication and risk.

As we continue on our mission, we look forward to being a part of Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning tools!

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