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Gaining Employee Buy-In for RPA Scale

How to gain employee buy-in for RPA at scale

For employees, the positioning for RPA buy-in is just as important and a little sensitive because of the stigma associated with automation. While RPA does lead to reduced costs, the misconception is that it does so because it eliminates the need for human resources. That hasn’t been the case. In fact, job churn during a time when automation is booming is at an all-time low. RPA reduces costs because processes can be executed with greater accuracy and efficiency, bots run 24/7 without interruption, and employees spend less time on rework, therefore, reducing the cost of errors. 

The key to positioning RPA for employees is that you have to communicate how it will free them from having to complete repetitive, mechanical tasks and allow them to work on much more compelling and engaging work that delivers increased value to the business. For those that will be part of the automation initiative or RPA Center of Excellence, it’s a good idea to highlight how they will be equipped with new skills to support RPA which is only getting bigger and more important across all industries.