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Migrating Bots from Automation Anywhere V11 to A2019: The Easy Way With Blueprint

In 2019, Automation Anywhere released a new version of its leading RPA platform. The new web-based and cloud-native Enterprise A2019 is a significant and exciting upgrade on their legacy, client-based Enterprise V11 setup that brings new functionality and increased benefits. Unfortunately, users have encountered frustrating migration issues that have prevented them from migrating their portfolio of bots.

As a trusted Automation Anywhere technology partner, Blueprint has developed a pain-free end-to-end migration process that can migrate your entire digital workforce from Automation Anywhere V11 to A2019 without the headaches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the migration from Automation Anywhere V11 to A2019 has been so frustrating and prevented customers from making the move
  • How Blueprint simplifies the transition with an end-to-end migration process that removes all blockers and headaches
  • How Blueprint also produces an upgraded automated process during migration that can be further optimized

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