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Blueprint Business Process Modeler

Blueprint Business Process Modeler is an intuitive solution that makes it easy to capture, connect, optimize and communicate your processes enterprise-wide. This streamlines operations to reduce costs and improve business agility, delivering excellence in operational efficiency and helping you to scale your RPA initiatives with business process improvement.
Design, improve and optimize business processes to drive operational efficiency and RPA at scale
Align RPA with high-level business strategy to prioritize quick-to-value automations and uncover opportunities for operational improvement
Automatically push optimized and improved business processes to RPA tools for automation
Download business process improvement datasheet
Download the Data Sheet
Download business process improvement datasheet
Download the Data Sheet

Learn more about the key features that make Blueprint Business Process Modeler the best tool for capturing, connecting, and improving business processes for automation.

Watch the business process modeler demo for business process improvement
Watch the Video
Watch the business process modeler demo for business process improvement
Watch the Video

Get a quick overview of Blueprint Business Process Modeler and see some key features for business process improvement and design in action.

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Speak with an expert for business process improvement
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Intuitive process modeling to improve business processes and scale your business
In the digital economy, there’s constant pressure to do more…right now. Blueprint makes it easy to establish end-to-end process-orientation for rapid change and customer-first excellence. Design, execute, manage and improve your processes collaboratively to drive continuous improvement and RPA at scale across your entire organization — all with the Blueprint Business Process Modeler.

Easy-to-use interface

Process modeling with Blueprint Business Process Modeler combines a refreshingly modern and easy-to-use interface that leverages drag-and-drop functionality with the depth of BPMN, putting your organization on the path to business excellence and turbocharged customer delight. Use the collaboration functionality to instantly share modeling feedback, reviews, and comments across the Suite effectively. 

Capture, Connect and Communicate Optimized Processes

Whether you want to create current-state documentation or target concepts, Blueprint Business Process Modeler is your best choice for process modeling. Thanks to innovative web technology, you can get started right away and include your colleagues in collaborative design. Blueprint Business Process Modeler empowers you to capture, design, and improve your business processes and share insights across the Suite.

Align Business Processes with Customer Journeys

Customers demand flawless experiences and outcomes. Blueprint gets you there by seamlessly aligning customer journeys with business processes. Our technology allows users to quickly and easily visualize the way customers interact with their business from an outside-in perspective to deliver flawless customer experiences and outcomes.

Deliver a blueprint for your automation journey

Blueprint Business Process Modeler provides a foundation for effectively scaling RPA. This action plan helps RPA champions gain the buy-in and confidence they need from internal stakeholders to pursue true digital transformation and automation excellence — and avoid unplanned work after deploying automations.

Create a single source of truth

Consolidate critical process information, including process diagrams,  customer journeys, value streams, and more, into a single, unified system-of-record - providing automatic versioning of each and every asset. This ‘single source of truth’ improves efficiency and enforces standards by enabling your users to store, search and reuse internally predefined, validated content from a centralized location.

Define process-based solutions your CEO will love,
and make them come to

Next-generation visual process modeling

Easily import any existing processes held in Visio, saving time and giving you a running start at mapping and improving processes. Empower business and IT stakeholders to easily build business processes from scratch using an intuitive drag-and-drop process modeler. There is a simple palette for casual users, as well as an expanded palette to support all the BPMN notation needed by power users.

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Connect and align automated business processes to overall business strategy

Get everyone on the same page with the next generation of intelligent process modeling. From visualizing customer journeys, value streams, and process flows to decomposing large scale robotic process automation initiatives, visual models ensure all of your business needs are captured and defined with high fidelity modeling and traceability. Nest or decompose processes into progressively greater levels of detail, enabling your organization to be aligned at a granular scale while maintaining context on overall business goals.

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Match the speed of business without months of RPA development

Blueprint's Business Process Modeler integrates with the leading RPA tools so that you can quickly and easily load optimized processes, along with their constraints and attachments, into your RPA tool of choice, providing the RPA developer with an invaluable headstart. And because these processes were defined in Blueprint, they have been aligned with business strategy and customer needs, and adhere to the multitude of enterprise constraints such as regulatory obligations, corporate policies, business rules, controls, nonfunctional requirements, etc, providing complete, precise information on what’s to be automated.

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Experience the next generation of business process automation at scale and accelerate your time to value, today.

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What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint’s ability to define and decompose complex current state process flows is instrumental in enabling us to collaboratively and visually define our future state processes and potential candidates for automation.
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation

Independent Health Association is dedicated to providing communities with innovative health-related products and services, which enable affordable access to quality health care.
We develop business process flows for everything from quotes to rates to policy changes using Blueprint’s Business Process Modeler. We then use the advanced review and approval features within Blueprint to communicate with key stakeholders and confirm that business processes meet their needs before automating.
Using Blueprint has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
Business Analyst