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Blueprint Impact Explorer

Gain unparalleled business process impact analysis. Connect your business processes to all critical information like policies, controls, and regulations with a click of a button, and truly understand the impact of any change, before you make it.

Visualize the Impact of Change. Make Better Business Decisions.

Blueprint Impact Explorer is a key pillar of the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite that allows you to visualize and report on change so you can make informed decisions. By connecting all your assets, whether they be business objectives, processes, bots, non-functionals, regulations, etc, you gain the ability to holistically see the dependencies across the enterprise so you can shift from being reactive to proactive and fully understand and manage the impact of any change made anywhere within the context of your business. With Blueprint's Impact Explorer, you're audit-ready and able to quickly prove compliance, reinforcing reviews, governance, and audits.

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Connect Processes to Regulations, Controls, Systems, or Business Objectives

Organizations often struggle with scaling business process improvement and automation because policies and controls have not been tied to processes and automation work, creating vulnerabilities to non-compliance. In Blueprint Impact Explorer you can use trace relationships to relate critical information like rules, policies, controls, risks, regulations - anything that’s relevant – to your business processes for automation, mitigating re-work and non-compliance.

Business Impact Analysis

Visualize Change

Gain a visual map of all the processes a regulation or control is related to and vice versa. Easily analyze your business processes and consider what artifacts might be affected by a change to a process that's been automated or a new regulation or control that has been introduced. Seamlessly export analyses to Excel to always be audit-ready and prove compliance.


Unlock Real Change Management Collaboration

It's one thing to be able to see the impact of change and analyze it; Blueprint Impact Explorer however takes change management to the next level. You can collaborate on artifacts that fall into your purview of change with the ability to view and create discussions.

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Intelligent Recommendations

Leverage Powerful AI and Implement a Complete Trace Strategy

Blueprint delivers sophisticated AI to present trace recommendations so you can connect your business processes to relevant information like business rules, policies, controls, and regulations that might have been overlooked.

Understand the Impact of Business Process Changes Before you Make Them

The volume and rate of change is greater than ever in a complex IT and business ecosystem where managing change has become even more complicated. Unlock the ability to really analyze your business processes and the impact of change to reinforce compliance, by connecting and aligning all processes to overall business strategy, customer needs, and enterprise constraints.

Analyze the Impact of Change Instantly

Analyze the Impact of Change Instantly

Do in seconds what it takes hours to do today (using documents and spreadsheets): get a big picture view of all the relationships between your assets whether they be regulations, business processes, bots, models, business rules, etc.

Easily Control High Volumes of Information

Easily Control High Volumes of Information

Examine change from a high level to see everything in your organization that’s impacted or drill down into specific areas of your information to truly identify the impact of change.


Make Better Decisions

Create relationships to relate critical information like rules, policies, controls, risks, regulations - anything that's relevant - to your business processes. This ensures all essential information is accounted for and you have complete context when making critical business decisions and automating your processes.


Perform Precise Audits, Quicker

Visualize how work has been executed to address any changes to controls and regulations that impact your automation projects and visually map and reinforce compliance.

Always be Audit-Ready

Always be Audit-Ready

Instantly prove compliance by showing how controls, policies, and regulations are connected to your business assets like processes or any other type of model or artifact.

What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint creates a clear and well-documented audit trail. Its traceability features help us link all information to relevant data and regulations making sure that everything is aligned with our ultimate business goals.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
IT Compliance Officer
With Blueprint’s centralized repository, we're able to build traces between artifacts and gain a comprehensive understanding of the system of interest from both operational and regulatory perspectives.
Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company
Compliance Analyst
The greatest benefit of using Blueprint is traceability. We are able to run weekly reports to monitor and manage traceability between artifacts, requirements, value streams, and work statuses. Without Blueprint tracing, this task would be much more time-consuming.
Ally Financial
Greg Corcoran, Business Analyst

Analyze the Impact of Change, Better and Faster

Talk to one of our experts and see how you can always be audit-ready and visualize change to make better, more informed critical business decisions.

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