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Blueprint Integrations with ALM & RegTech Tools

Extend functionality, ensure Business and IT alignment across the entire toolchain, and create an optimal automation development lifecylce experience.

Unlock the Value of Other Tools

ALM & Testing Tool Integration

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite integrates with more than 40 of the industry's leading ALM tools. Blueprint integrates with JIRA, VersionOne, Rally, TFS, Cognizant Intelligent Quality Designer, and more to accelerate your ability to scale RPA. Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite integrations enable cross-functional collaboraiton and business alignment from process discovery all the way through to bot delivery. 

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RegTech Integrations

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite integrates with leading RegTech tools such as Compliance.ai, JWG, and Clarivate Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence in order to source the latest regulatory content in real-time from thousands of sources across jurisdictions, document types, and industry publications. Users can leverage this data within Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite to ensure their business processes, automated processes, and solutions always adhere to regulatory obligations and that they never miss a compliance requirement again. 

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Management Reporting

Blueprint's easy-to-use reports provide a broad set of analytic metrics for business insight, better release management, and ensure your bots are continuously delivering business value. 

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Enterprise Administration

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite can easily integrate with the rest of your enterprise infrastructure using REST APIs. The REST APIs allow you to query data in your Blueprint projects and use it across systems. Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite also allows administrators to control and manage permissions and customize projects to cater to unique customer environments.

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All Integrations

By leveraging the Tasktop Integration Hub, Blueprint is able to integrate with a wide variety of ALM tools. The most common tools that we integrate with are:

Tasktop's Supported Integrations