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Blueprint's Process Mining and Discovery Tool Integrations

Scale automation efforts by leveraging Blueprint's robust integration with Process Mining and Discovery tools. Discover and extract critical process information from a number of external sources, then further define, optimize and prioritize processes for automation.
Save time and money by easily capturing current-state processes from a number of external sources
Quickly gain the insights necessary to implement automation and improve business operations
Scale automation efforts by delivering a complete picture of how work is done inside your organization

Build your End-to-End Solution to Drive RPA Excellence at Scale

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite integrates with core and emerging technologies that accelerate business outcomes and drive intelligent process automation at scale.

process mining and discovery tool integration

Understand where you are today to strategically optimize for the future

Blueprint's integration with the leading Process Mining and Discovery platforms, as well as unstructured sources of data, makes it easy to quickly extract critical information from external sources and then sync this critical information into your Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite.

Once this process data is in Blueprint, it can be can further mapped, optimized, traced to functional and non-functional requirements or compliance regulations. These optimized processes can then be synced over into your RPA tool of choice for automation.

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Process Mining Integrations

Process mining is a family of approaches that look at data from event logs to see what your employees are doing. From looking at the steps someone takes to complete a task, a process can be automatically constructed. By continuing to gather this data over time you can start to see where bottlenecks occur, where inefficiencies lie within the process, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.


Discovery Tool Integrations

Process discovery, also called business process discovery, is a collection of tools and techniques used to define, map and analyze an organization’s existing business processes.

By “watching” business users perform normal activities within their organizational framework, from ERP systems to web apps and many more, this technology can then use artificial intelligence to chain together business processes across different end-users to traverse organizational silos, giving you an accurate view of the full end-to-end business process and all its variations.  It’s all about capturing what has happened in a real-life process.


Integrating Data from Unstructured Sources 

Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Process Design Documents (PDDs) - For most enterprises, there is an abundance of critical process information that is held hostage in documents. Blueprint's BlueDocs Document Importer “digitizes” this information that’s currently held within Word documents, Excel files, or Process Design Documents. By extracting this data into our collaborative platform where it can be merged and reconciled with other process information, you can create a complete “current-state” picture – the first step towards intelligent automation.

Watch our BlueDocs Document Importer Demo Video to learn more.

Microsoft Visio and other BPMN Formats - For organizations who are currently mapping processes in tools like Microsoft Visio or other BPMN formats, our integration allows you to pull these models directly into the Blueprint platform. Once within the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite, teams can collaborate to decompose the models into further levels of detail, trace them to business and regulatory requirements, and ensure they're optimized to deliver business value before being pushed into your RPA platform for automation.

Test Scripts - Older applications often have little or no documentation describing how they work or how they were intended to be used. The tests hold this information, but it's often not easily accessible or readable.  This capability extracts that information and produces a graphical model of the process that anyone can read. This can then be used to augment or ‘fill in the gaps’ of processes extracted using current log-based mining tools.

Watch our Test Script Mining Demo Video to learn more.

Whiteboard Capture - Whiteboards are great for collaboration. This is especially the case during early, formative stages of collaboration when teams are trying to capture thoughts, brainstorm, formulate, and analyze problems. Blueprint allows teams to collaboratively whiteboard current state processes, take a picture of the board, and then our Whiteboard Importer will parse the picture and create a ‘digital’ model of it, with every step being its own artifact that can be managed independently (traced, discussed, reused, properties added, decomposed, etc). 

Watch our Intelligent Whiteboard Importer Demo Video to learn more.


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