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Value Map

Receive a complete analysis of your automation portfolio with Blueprint's Value Map Assessment
Gain precise recommendations for improvement that drive informed decisions.
 Reduce operational, maintenance, and automation ownership costs.


Understand your automation portfolio. Gain the insight on where to improve and reduce costs.

Organizations rushed to automate every and any process they could. Now, they find themselves not knowing what they have in their automation portfolio. They're unaware of the complexity, size, dependencies, and redundancies of their automations. In short, they don't know which automations deliver value, which are leaving money on the table, and which are losing money.

Blueprint's technology delivers an automated and comprehensive assessment of your entire automation portfolio or detailed information on each individual process, providing recommendations on where you can improve to reduce operational costs while optimizing your entire automation estate for higher returns. Clean out what's not working so you can get leaner, more efficient, and more effective.



Get rid of the waste. Maximize the value of your automation portfolio.


The Benefits of a Blueprint Value Map Assessment

Understand your automation portfolio at a fraction of the cost

Bringing in third-party consultants and service integrators to take a look under the hood of your automation portfolio is expensive. Blueprint provides a better service at a fraction of the cost with detailed context and ROI-rich suggestions.

See where there's redundancy and remove it

Blueprint shows you precisely where there are costly redundancies in your automations so you can remove them. On average, 20%-30% of a company’s automated processes are redundant. Blueprint shows you precisely where there are costly redundancies in your automation portfolio so you can eliminate them and save money and effort.

Understand the complexity of your automations

To understand what an automation does, you normally have to be able to read code. Blueprint tells you how complex your processes are so you can avoid unnecessarily complicated automations and reduce risk.

Reduce the total cost of ownership for automation

The insight Blueprint delivers in a Value Map Assessment enables you to eliminate waste, redundancy, and the automations that cost more than the value they deliver. Reduce licenses and maintenance headaches to save costs and decrease automation's total cost of ownership.

Make your automation efforts more efficient, more effective

After all that time rushing to automate whatever you could, it's time to put your automation practice under a microscope. Blueprint's Value Map Assessment gives you the opportunity to clean out what's not working so you can get leaner, more efficient, and more effective.

Assess your automations with granularity to drive more improvement

Blueprint's Value Map Assessment can also analyze individual automations, providing complexity, dependency, redundancy, and comprehensive analysis with granularity, calling out improvement opportunities for individual automations.

Understand your automation portfolio from a high level and improve governance

Blueprint's Value Map Assessment can provide a macro overview of your entire automation portfolio, recommending areas for improvement like best-practice adoption of micro-tactical automation to support highly-complex business processes, reuse opportunities, and identifying orphaned processes.

Decide if replatforming is right for you

Looking to switch RPA platforms but worried about the added effort? Blueprint's Value Map Assessment calculates the mapping percentage for your entire automation estate and individual automations into UiPath or Microsoft Power Automate, greatly reducing the cost, risk, and time associated with replatforming.

Get a value map assessment from Blueprint in days instead of weeks

Big shop consultants will take weeks, maybe even months and hours upon hours of interviews to give you some insight into your automation estate. With Blueprint's technology, you'll get a comprehensive assessment with numerous improvement recommendations in days. All we need is your automation files.

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Understand your automation estate. See where to improve it.

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your entire automation portfolio with detailed, actionable recommendations for optimization.