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RPA Platform Migration

Looking to migrate bots from one RPA platform to another? Let us help.

We take care of the headaches, so you don't have to.

Blueprint: The Easy Way to Migrate Bots from one RPA Platform to Another

Blueprint seamlessly ingests bots from the leading RPA tools and reverse-engineers them into our platform to create an upgraded automated process in the form of a Digital Blueprint.

Digital Blueprints are not only compatible with and can be automatically pushed into your RPA tool of choice; they facilitate you in building better bots. With Blueprint, you can connect automations to relevant dependencies, systems, and constraints that may have been missed the first time around, ensuring better bot architecture and improving your overall automation ecosystem to maximize bot availability.

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Eliminate Islands of Automation and Streamline RPA for Maximum ROI

Large organizations are find themselves with the pressing need to consolidate and migrate their bots into one RPA platform. The challenges driving this need include migrating to new versions of platforms with compatibility issues. Enterprises are also plagued by islands of automation: multiple, independent teams executing automation without any centralized governance, that leads to high costs and duplicated mistakes.  

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite is the only solution on the market that doesn't force you to rebuild your entire bot ecosystem from scratch. Blueprint provides a simplified end-to-end migration process for all leading RPA tools so you can easily consolidate your bots in one platform while improving each bot to maximize RPA uptime and ROI.

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The Blueprint Advantage

0 x Faster Process Design & Bot Development
0 % More Employee Engagement & Collaboration
0 x Less Rework & Bot Outages
0 % Lower Bot Maintenance Costs
0 X ROI in Less than 6 Months

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Don't just migrate your bots. Elevate them, with Blueprint.

Automatically Fix Migration Issues - RPA Platform Migration

Automatically Fix Migration Issues

Digital Blueprints identify errors, issues, and exceptions spotted during the migration process from one RPA platform to another. In many cases, Blueprint also automatically fixes those issues.

Leverage a Single Source of Truth - RPA Platform Migration

Leverage A Single Source of Truth

Blueprint acts as a single source of truth for your entire organization, ensuring there are no disparate, siloed sources of information.

Integrate With RPA Tools - RPA Platform Migration

Integrate With Leadning RPA Tools

Blueprint integrates with the leading RPA tools, including UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and Microsoft Power Automate.

Account for Constraints & Regulations - - RPA Platform Migration

Account for Constraints & Regulations

Digital Blueprints break down the silos between different automation teams, business, IT, and compliance stakeholders, ensuring all automations align with regulatory requirements, dependencies, and business objectives.

Centralize RPA Governance - RPA Platform Migration

Centralize RPA Governance

A single source of truth combined with robust collaborative capabilities like discussions and digital reviews ensures best practices are explicit and knowledge is never lost, consolidating and improving automation governance for maximum quality, efficiency, and ROI.

Manage Change Proactively - RPA Platform Migration

Manage Change Proactively

Consolidating your bot ecosystem in Blueprint enables you to move to a proactive change management strategy. The Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite allows you to see which automations are impacted any time a change is introduced, ensuring you can immediately coordinate the actions to prevent bot outages and downtime.

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