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Scale & Accelerate
Process Automation

Rapidly design and automate higher-quality business processes in an easy-to-use solution, making automation more accessible to business users for accelerated scale.

Accelerate automation design & delivery

Automation delivery can still be a time-consuming process. Over-reliance on IT and the use of PDDs result in inefficient, error-prone automation design practices.

Blueprint delivers the capabilities that large organizations need for any stakeholder to easily analyze their processes, identify automation opportunities, and then rapidly design and deploy higher-quality automated processes.

Gain critical insights across your entire automation portfolio

Leverage dynamic dashboards and real-time analytics to understand critical details about your automated processes so that you can make strategic decisions on how to optimize them. Blueprint helps you identify which automations are producing the business value expected, which aren't, and if they should be refactored, re-platformed to another RPA tool, or potentially retired to reduce costs and improve ROI. With Blueprint's Value Map Assessment, you can get these critical insights immediately.

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Prioritize and align automations to high-level business objectives and value streams

Map automated processes to high-level business objectives to ensure RPA initiatives are delivering on your goals. Once you've identified processes to automate, refactor, re-platform, or retire, leverage detailed analytics such as how much of your automated processes are directly mappable into your destination RPA tool to prioritize and plan for future-state improvements.

Capture process workflows with ease

Quickly and easily capture business processes with Blueprint's proprietary Task Capture solution or import process documentation from a number of other sources. Task Capture will automatically gather all the low-level details you need to drive automation initiatives forward with speed.

Design & optimize processes collaboratively with an easy-to-use design canvas

Empower stakeholders across your organization to easily design and optimize automated processes with an intuitive drag-and-drop process modeler that includes a simple palette for the casual user as well as full BPMN notation for the process improvement expert.

Improve design speed & quality by re-using validated content from a shared library

Improve efficiency and enforce design standards enterprise-wide by enabling users to store, search, and re-use predefined, validated content from a centralized process library.

Simulate how process changes will impact business outcomes, and plan accordingly

Use advanced machine learning to simulate how changes to your automated processes will impact business outcomes, understand what new downstream gaps may crop up as a result of solving upstream problems, and continuously monitor improvement against the to-be model.

Sync processes to RPA platforms for accelerated development and deployment

Export the Digital Blueprints of automations to your RPA tool with the click of a button. This will automatically convert the process into a format compatible with your target RPA platform and sync it directly into your RPA development environment to be finalized and pushed to production.

In addition, Blueprint can automatically generate user stories, test scripts, and more to drive downstream work effort and ensure rapid time to value.

Continuously govern and optimize your automated processes

Standardize and control all aspects of your automation initiatives. Connect your processes to business rules, policies, controls, and regulations to solidify governance and compliance. When any of these requirements change, click a button to identify processes that are impacted to take quick and decisive action to remediate.

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