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Blueprint’s Latest Product Release Automatically Estimates RPA Migrations to Microsoft Power Automate

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Jul 20, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Organizations Can Now Accurately Determine the Time and Effort Needed to Migrate RPA Estates to Microsoft Power Automate with the Click of a Button

Toronto, Canada – June 20, 2023 – Blueprint Software Systems—a leading provider of RPA migration and analytics solutions—has released the latest version of their platform that enables organizations to accurately estimate the time and effort needed to migrate entire automation estates from legacy RPA platforms to Microsoft Power Automate. As the preferred RPA Migration Technology partner for Microsoft’s global RPA migration program, the latest release of the Blueprint platform now enables organizations to strategically plan and accelerate their RPA platform migration to Power Automate while minimizing the risk and the costs associated with RPA migrations.

“A persistent challenge our customers encounter is creating a business case for moving to a new RPA platform and estimating how long the entire project will cost,” explains Dan Shimmerman, Blueprint President and CEO. “With our new Estimator Dashboards and Reports, organizations can clearly see the effort and time required to complete their RPA migration to Power Automate after Blueprint has automatically converted a large proportion of each of their automated processes, keeping their projects on time and within budget.”

Blueprint ingests entire automation estates from the leading RPA platforms and provides invaluable analytics about those automations, such as the total number of actions in the estate, complexity, duplicated processes, and a breakdown of the applications those automated processes interact with. In the background, Blueprint maps and converts those automated processes to Microsoft Power Automate and displays the percentage of the entire estate that has been automatically converted according to Blueprint’s vast library of action, expression, and logic translations.

With the new Estimator Dashboards and Reports, organizations can now also visualize estimates for the remaining effort required to prepare those migrated automations for production in Microsoft Power Automate. The calculated estimates are based on a combination of inputs including metrics from Blueprint’s large number of past migrations and predictive models.

Blueprint’s new Estimator Dashboards and Reports also presents comparisons that highlight the stark difference between migrating RPA platforms manually versus with Blueprint which dramatically reduces the cost and effort needed to complete RPA migrations.

Blueprint’s RPA Migration Solution was recently awarded the Gold Globee Award at the 18th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Information Technology in the category of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Blueprint’s marquee solution was recognized for enabling organizations to transition from one RPA tool to another for 60-75% less resources and time than manual efforts.

For more information on Blueprint’s RPA Migration Solution, visit www.blueprintsys.com/solutions/rpa-migration. 


About Blueprint

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company that helps organizations assess and improve their process automation practice, increasing the value their automations deliver while reducing operating costs. Blueprint’s platform ingests entire automation portfolios and delivers invaluable insight and analytics into those estates, indicating where there are redundancies, overly complex automations, and re-platforming opportunities to migrate entire digital workforces to new generation intelligent automation platforms at a fraction of the cost and quicker than any other option available.

For more information, visit www.blueprintsys.com