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Technology moves fast; new products emerge, customer demands change, and business imperatives are evolving. Teams today are pressured to accelerate product development and manage growing complexities in a complicated network of interrelated and interdependent products.

If you work in this kind of environment, you know that requirements are essential to delivering on this goal.

Good Is No Longer Good Enough

IBM has announced that it will be retiring its 21-year old Rational RequisitePro requirements management solution. Though ReqPro won’t disappear entirely, it’ll no longer be supported. There will be no new features, no bug fixes, and no updates/enhancements. This has left many IT leaders and their teams concerned about the associated risks of their IT projects. And rightfully so.

Make Changes That Count

One thing is certain – products today have more requirements, and companies have more distributed teams and more products in their portfolios. This makes defining and managing requirements significantly more complicated.

If you want your team to be successful, you need to a lot more than just a handy requirements management tool. You need alignment across your business, IT, and compliance stakeholder groups. Your teams must be aligned on what they’re building, how they’re building it, and why they’re building it. You need a work management solution.

Trending: Work Management Solutions Will Continue to Grow

Teams will continue to seek solutions that will help manage their IT projects to ensure they’re keeping up with the changing pace within software development.

With or without ReqPro, overall priorities will remain the same. Managing requirements, traceability, automation of tests – these are all capabilities that impact the successful delivery of projects. Organizations cannot rely on unsupported software to manage these key components of any project. When defining and managing requirements organizations expect, and need, new capabilities, new integrations and support for modern platforms They need to partner with someone who is driving the market, delivering new innovative capabilities and help to de-risk and accelerate projects.

Storyteller takes requirements management a step further

As a highly scalable enterprise solution, Storyteller is designed for large organizations with global teams collaborating on multifaceted projects. Storyteller customers are amongst the world’s most innovative companies. They manage large, complex IT projects, often in highly regulated industries, so they must embrace best practices and challenge the status quo to enhance product delivery and gain competitive advantage.

This simply cannot be done with a legacy tool that is not being updated or properly maintained. And Storyteller can eliminate the headache and risk of data migration. We have customized our solution to automate the migration from ReqPro to Storyteller, with no downtime to your organization or disruption of your data.

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Digital transformation starts with alignment.

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