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Blueprint Launches Solution for RPA Platform Migration, Ending RPA Vendor Lock-In

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Jan 13, 2021 2:41:27 PM

New Technology Triples the Speed of RPA Transition and Reduces Cost by 75 Percent. 

TORONTO, Canada – January 13, 2021—Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of the most powerful process automation design environment on the market, today announced the availability of a new RPA platform migration solution which enables companies to switch from one RPA tool to another, quickly and seamlessly, while also adding value to its existing bot architecture.

“There are a host of reasons why many companies want to change RPA platforms, from failure to get value to incompatible version upgrades, but the burden of switching has been too great, so they’ve been stuck with whatever RPA vendor they initially chose to use,” says Dan Shimmerman, President and CEO of Blueprint. “Blueprint makes changing between any of the leading RPA vendors simple, fast, and affordable, thereby unlocking the entire RPA market.”

Historically, switching RPA platforms was both expensive and difficult due to the lack of code parity, lost credentials, absent versioning, unavailable output compare, missing audit logs, and numerous other challenges. This meant that companies had to rebuild their entire bot portfolio from scratch in order to change RPA vendors. The time, manual effort, and operational cost of doing this ultimately prevented companies from making the switch.

Blueprint’s new RPA platform migration solution, a part of Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite, works three times faster and provides a 75 percent cost reduction than manually migrating bots or rebuilding them in a different RPA platform. It works by ingesting bots from any leading RPA tool and reverse-engineering them to create an upgraded automated process in the form of a Digital Blueprint. These Digital Blueprints can be further optimized, if needed, before being automatically pushed into any other RPA platform, including the leading providers like Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere. This not only simplifies bot migration, but also allows for improvements to a company’s bot ecosystem.

Additionally, with Digital Blueprints, automated processes can be connected to all relevant dependencies, systems, and constraints, facilitating better RPA change management and risk analysis to maximize RPA uptime for higher returns. Digital Blueprints can also identify errors, issues, and exceptions during the migration process and can automatically fix the issues that introduced friction into the migration process previously.

“Our technology reduces the complexities and cost of shifting RPA tools to near zero, allowing companies to pick the platform that’s best for them, regardless of how much they’ve already developed on a competing platform,” Shimmerman adds. “This ultimately pushes RPA tools down the value stack, commoditizing automation and execution platforms, so companies can choose the vendor that offers the best price and value and simply switch.”

To learn more about Blueprint’s RPA Platform Migration solution, visit the Blueprint website here.

About Blueprint 

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and leading provider of digital process design and management solutions. Our award-winning cloud-based platform, the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite, integrates directly with the leading RPA platforms to provide a better way to design sustainable, high-quality RPA models and manage change across the RPA lifecycle. By providing the visibility and control they need to move automation projects forward with speed and precision, our customers can efficiently scale the volume and quality of their RPA initiatives and drive greater ROI from their automation programs.

Visit www.blueprintsys.com to learn more or follow Blueprint on Twitter @blueprintsys and on LinkedIn.

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