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Blueprint Software Systems Strategic Technology Collaboration with Microsoft Enables Companies to Migrate from Legacy RPA Tools to Microsoft Power Automate for Desktop

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Jan 17, 2023 8:45:00 AM

Blueprint’s Solution Drastically Reduces Time and Cost of Manual RPA Migrations

TORONTO, Canada – January 17, 2023—Blueprint Software Systems today announced that they have been selected to be a preferred RPA Migration Technology partner for Microsoft’s global RPA migration program. The program is designed to help customers migrate existing RPA estates to Microsoft Power Automate for desktop (PAD).

Due to the popularity of Microsoft’s productivity suite and the Microsoft Power Platform, many organizations are attracted to their ever-evolving intelligent automation solution. With Blueprint’s RPA migration solution, organizations can now transition to Power Automate for desktop while saving 60-75% of the time and costs associated with recoding the automations manually from scratch.

“Microsoft has quickly become a leader in the RPA space, as reflected by their position on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation and Power Automate for desktop’s continued gain in popularity,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO, Blueprint. “Simply put, Blueprint gets organizations moved onto Microsoft Power Automate faster, and we’re excited to partner with Microsoft to increase the adoption of the Power Platform and enable the increased benefits and business value it delivers.”

“Organizations are increasingly looking for modern ways to deliver high-quality customer experiences, while lowering costs and complexity,” said Charles Lamanna, CVP of Business Applications & Platform at Microsoft. “Our relationship combines Blueprint’s RPA migration solution with Power Automate, our intelligent automation service, to effectively transition customers to the Microsoft Power Platform. This will allow them to unlock greater value and provide more automations through our fully integrated low-code development platform.”

Blueprint’s migration solution ingests an organization’s automations from their legacy RPA tool. It then provides previously unavailable insight and data into the entire automation estate. This insight enables organizations to plan a migration project far more efficiently and the opportunity to optimize their automations before re-deploying them in Microsoft to further reduce costs.

In the background, Blueprint converts and maps each process into Power Automate for desktop, enabling any RPA migration project to be completed quickly and efficiently while also significantly improving an automation estate along the way.

With its next-generation, intelligent automation offering in Power Automate, Microsoft has established itself as a leader in the enterprise automation market and Blueprint is eager to help organizations leverage Power Automate to scale and optimize their automation practice.

For more information on Blueprint’s migration solution, visit https://www.blueprintsys.com/solutions/rpa-migration  

About Blueprint
Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company that helps organizations assess and improve their process automation practice, increasing the value their automations deliver while reducing operating costs. Blueprint’s platform ingests entire automation portfolios and delivers invaluable insight and analytics into those estates, indicating where there are redundancies, overly complex automations, and re-platforming opportunities to migrate entire digital workforces to new generation intelligent automation platforms at a fraction of the cost and quicker than any other option available.

For more information, visit www.blueprintsys.com


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