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Part 3 - How to Successfully Switch to Microsoft Power Automate Faster and at a Fraction of the Cost with Blueprint

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Oct 28, 2021 10:00:00 AM

In this three-part blog series, we deep-diving into Microsoft Power Automate - one of Blueprint's partners - and analyze what Microsoft's entrance into the RPA market means for the entire automation ecosystem.

In part 2, we illustrated the barriers and challenges organizations face when switching from their current RPA vendor to Microsoft Power Automate.

Specifically, we looked at how the biggest obstacle is the investment and effort required to rebuild entire digital workforces from scratch as bots aren't compatible from one RPA platform to another.

In the final installment of this blog series, we reveal how switching from any of the leading RPA vendors to Microsoft Power Automate doesn't have to involve rebuilding your whole portfolio of bots. There's a way to do it at a quarter of the cost and three times as fast.

Switching to Microsoft Power Automate with Blueprint's RPA Platform Migration Solution

Any migration effort is estimated at $5000/bot. With Blueprint's end-to-end migration solution, that's no longer the case.

Blueprint provides a seamless, end-to-end migration process from any of the leading RPA tools to Microsoft Power Automate. Our Enterprise Automation Suite removes all the friction from migrating while adding significant value to your bot architecture.

From a speed and cost perspective, switching from your current RPA platform to Microsoft Power Automate with Blueprint reduces costs by 80% and is 3x faster than any other option currently available on the market.

V2 - Power Automate and Blueprint Partnership

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How Blueprint's RPA Platform Migration Works with Microsoft Power Automate

Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite – the world's most powerful digital process design and management environment – slides into the middle of any automation toolchain to help companies scale the scope and impact of their automation initiatives.

Blueprint has bi-lateral integrations to all the major RPA platforms - including Microsoft Power Automate - and ingests bots from the leading RPA tools. Bots are reverse-engineered into our platform and converted into a universal format, known as a Digital Blueprint.

Digital Blueprints can then be used as a digital reference for all your bots—cataloging and centralizing all your automated processes in one place. Once in Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite, your automated processes can also be further optimized.

With every Digital Blueprint, your bots can be connected to all relevant dependencies, systems, and constraints, facilitating better RPA change management and risk analysis to maximize RPA uptime for higher returns.

From there, Digital Blueprints can then be automatically synced with Microsoft Power Automate, expediting the migration of your entire digital workforce at 80% of the cost and 3x faster.

Are you considering switching but don't know what it would cost or how to do it? We can help.

Sign up for our free RPA Migration Estimate, and we'll tell you what it would cost to migrate on your own versus what it would cost by using Blueprint. Don't hesitate; there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Migrate to Microsoft Power Automate with Blueprint