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Best Business Automation Cloud Platform and Excellence in Inclusive Staffing Diversity Awareness

TORONTO, Canada – March 31, 2021—Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of the most powerful process automation design environment on the market, has won two 2021 Canadian Business Awards for Best Business Automation Cloud Platform and for Excellence in Inclusive Staffing Diversity Awareness.

“At Blueprint, we work tirelessly to help our customers maximize their RPA deployments through cutting-edge process automation design solutions that are created in an environment enriched by different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas,” says Dan Shimmerman, President and CEO of Blueprint. “It is an honor to be recognized with these awards, and we will continue to lead by example as both a technology innovator and champion of corporate diversity.”

Created by Corporate Vision Magazine, the Canadian Business Awards highlights all Canadian businesses who have endeavored to achieve success in their industries, regardless of size; the awards recognize the tireless efforts of the industries, businesses and individuals that continue to strive above and beyond in what they do. The Great White North economy continues to thrive under challenging times through the determination of the workers, owners and everyone involved in business.

To learn more about Blueprint visit https://www.blueprintsys.com/company

About Corporate Vision Magazine

Corporate Vision is published monthly by AI Global Media with the mission to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world. Launched with an eye towards bettering business practices across the board, Corporate Vision focuses on spotlighting advances in the HR, marketing, coaching, and recruitment spheres, with the goal to shine a light on the gatekeepers of better business. Those that help build, through no small amount of creativity and expertise, to develop an altogether more productive and more efficient world of work.

 About Blueprint

Blueprint Software Systems is a global software company and leading provider of digital process design and management solutions. Our award-winning cloud-based platform, the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite, integrates directly with the leading RPA platforms to provide a better way to design sustainable, high-quality RPA models and manage change across the RPA lifecycle. By providing the visibility and control they need to move automation projects forward with speed and precision, our customers can efficiently scale the volume and quality of their RPA initiatives and drive greater ROI from their automation programs.

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