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What is Blueprint’s Certified Partner Program? Everything You Need to Know

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Mar 25, 2024 9:00:00 AM

In the rapidly evolving world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), businesses are continually seeking ways to enhance efficiency and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their automation estates. As a result, service integrators, consultants, professional services organizations, and managed service providers are knee-deep in requests for RPA migrations.

Their clients are aggressively looking for ways to reduce their inflated automation costs by moving away from expensive legacy RPA providers to more cost-effective options like Microsoft Power Automate.

The transition to new platforms has always been a complex and time-intensive endeavour. Most RPA migrations are completed manually, which comes with a myriad of challenges, including increased complexity, risks, and prohibitive costs, not to mention the time-consuming nature of such projects.

This is where Blueprint’s Certified Partner Program comes into play, offering a seamless path forward for service integrators, consultants, professional services organizations, and managed service providers to win more business and deliver greater value to their clients.

What is Blueprint’s Certified Partner Program?

At its core, Blueprint’s Certified Partner Program is an online certification program. It consists of an interactive and self-paced training program with detailed videos and activities to reinforce learning.

Completing the program provides a professional certificate and ensures Blueprint partners are proficient enough to begin using Blueprint to understand and migrate complex RPA estates quickly and with less effort.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Blueprint Certified Partner?

There are many lucrative reasons to become a Blueprint Certified Partner. At its most basic, Blueprint Certified Partners can migrate their clients’ RPA estates with an automated RPA migration solution that drastically reduces the risks, complexities, timelines, and costs of migrations.


They can also assess their clients’ automation estates using Blueprint’s RPA Analytics solution in a fraction of the time and with much more insight and data than any other means available.

As such, Blueprint Certified Partners can win more business and deliver more value to their customers. Specifically, partners reduce their clients’ total cost of ownership (TCO) for RPA much faster, realize increased revenue from faster and more detailed automation assessments, and significantly increase pipeline opportunities through Blueprints wealth of partnerships with other leading organizations.


How Does Blueprint Enable Faster Automation Assessments and RPA Migrations?

Blueprint enables partners to accelerate automation assessments by importing your clients' entire RPA estates into Blueprint and providing instantaneous analytics. This data enables you to understand the size and complexity of your clients’ bots.

As for accelerating RPA migrations, Blueprint automatically converts and maps the majority of a client’s RPA estate into a leading RPA platform. Blueprint then indicates the remaining development work needed to complete migrated automations in the destination tool so that they're production-ready. 

On average, Blueprint Certified Partners experience 60-75% time and cost savings when completing RPA migrations.

What Other Resources Would I Have Access to as a Blueprint Certified Partner?

Blueprint Certified Partners also get access to Blueprint’s Partner Resource Portal—a comprehensive library of learning resources and job aids to help you master Blueprint's RPA Analytics and RPA Migration solutions. Included are detailed video tutorials in addition to data sheets and guides.

Partners also receive dedicated and planned sessions. These include a series of hands-on and thorough workshops with a Blueprint RPA Migration consultant. These workshops enable all partners to quickly understand their clients' RPA environments with Blueprint's RPA Analytics and migrate those environments to new RPA platforms with an automated solution.

How Do I Become a Blueprint Certified Partner?

Becoming a Blueprint Certified Partner is easy! It’s as simple as clicking the link below and filling out a short form. After that, someone from Blueprint will be in touch shortly, and you’ll be well on your way to winning more business and delivering more value to all your clients!

Become a Partner